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5 Marketing Mistakes Made by Hoteliers

How you market and promote your business will determine how successful your business are. Marketing seems to be one of the most important elements in leveraging your business. In this article, we will talk about 5 common marketing mistakes made by hoteliers and how you can avoid them. 

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Top 3 Useful Copy Writing Formula For Your Social Media

The majority of most companies, uses social media platform as one of their marketing tool to promote their product and services. Why do they choose to use that? Easy and simple - because it is used by more than billions of people in this world. To be able to write a good content is a way of conveying messages to your readers and audiences a story that can take them deep into your content and have an immediately drives of engagement. 

But, not sure where to start?
How to write a good and persuasive content within the characters limit? 

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The Blog Ideas For Your Hotel

Hotel are planning to start to create a blog for your audience or future guests to more understand about your hotel. Unfortunately, you do not have idea or topic where actually to kick start the content. 

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Tips For Good Copy Writing for Your Content Marketing

Copy-writing practice is just like sports warm-up before they start running. It should reflect your company values and give the imagination to your potential guests and move them one step closer to the action wanted which is booking. 

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Tips to Implement SEO Effectively in Your Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the process of optimizing your content so that search engines ranks it higher and shows it at the top of search results of a certain keyword.

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Best Content Marketing Tools and Software You Need

To help you getting started on creating content for digital marketing, we have compiled a list of tools that are useful and effective in performing the tasks.

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Types and Examples of Content Marketing for Hotels

Marketing plays some strong role in your hotel brands. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and delight any customers. Successful content marketing can increase profit from customer action.

Below are popular content marketing types that can be used to attract more customers for your hotel.

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How to Measure and Analyze the Performance of Content Marketing

To have successful and effective content marketing is not an easy process. So it is important for you to analyze and measure the results of your content marketing campaign so that you can do the necessary adjustments on the next project for a better result. 

So, how to determine the success of your content? Here are some guidelines that will help you to better understand in measuring and analyzing your performance by looking at these 3 different elements.


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Content Marketing Strategy For Hotel

Content Marketing is not just about creating content and distributing it. It needs an effective content marketing plan and strategy for you to think about. Who you want to target, how much you are willing to spend, what’s your goal, what you wanted to achieve and so on.

Here are the 6 elements that you should take into consideration to have a successful content marketing for your hotel.

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Distribution Channels for Your Hotel's Content Marketing

Content Distribution is the act of promoting content to an online audience in multiple media formats through various channels.

Creating great content is not enough and would be such a waste if your audience doesn't know it exists. Therefore distribution of content is an essential part of your marketing strategy-if, not the most critical part.

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