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Increase your hotel revenue by getting more bookings
from Google Travel, Google Map, and Google Hotel
through Google Free Booking Link with Softinn Booking Engine


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What is Google Free Booking Link?

what is google free booking link

Google’s recent launch - Google Free Booking Link can now help advertise your hotel listing without paid ads!

✅ Google FBL will display your site/hotel/room rate for the itinerary selected, allowing you to show travelers the best rate.

✅ Being part of the organic links, Google FBL is 70% more likely to be clicked on compared to sponsored links. 

Let's use Softinn Booking Engine and activate your Google Booking Link to establish the hotel's online presence! - We will consult you the next step.

how google free booking link works

How Google Free Booking Link works with Softinn?

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Make your hotel stand out. It is proven.

See how our clients’ website and booking engine perform after we integrated with Google Free Booking Link
benefit of google free booking link
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What are the Benefits?

Maximise Hotel Revenue

Sick of paying high commission to the OTAs and make less revenue?
Now you can show the best rate by advertising special offers
through a zero-commission booking engine.

Reach Global Audience & Increase Direct Traffic

95.9% of travellers use Google to search for hotels. Imagine your hotel
show up on the Google suggestions list, and you offer the best rate on
your site, it will help to increase your web traffic.

Drive More Direct Bookings on Your Website

Your hotel official website and booking engine will be displayed on
Google Map and Google Travel lists without needing to pay for
Google Ads services.

You Own Guest Details & Make Use of It

Google did not hide your guest details. Once they booked and paid, you
will be receiving email notifications together with the guest details.

General FAQs

What is the pre-requisite for a hotel to get Google FBL?

Hotel needs to have a Google business listing and Booking engine that is integrated with Google FBL.

How long will it take for the Google FBL to include my hotel?

It takes up to 24 hours for your Google FBL to be live on Google.

Is the displayed price in a real-time data?

The price will be synchronized hourly and has one nightly sync everyday.

How do I update the price on Google?

The price should be updated in Softinn Extranet.

How do I know when I receive a booking from Google FBL?

The guest booking will show up in Softinn Extranet.

How do my hotel connect to the Google FBL?

Only an authorized partner of Google FBL can connect your hotel to Google FBL. Kindly fill-up the form above and we will help you to connect with it. You will also need to be a user of Softinn Booking Engine to enable this feature.