We are a group of people who think computer should do more work

To make hotelier work easier

Behind every comfortable stay at the hotel, there's a lot of efforts put in by peoples like front-desk officer, housekeeper, concierge, chef, guest relations officer, clerk, reservationist, room coordinator, back office assistant, technicians etc. These people often take shifts working 24/7 to deliver the best for us BUT their interests are often neglected. That is why we are here.

We wanted the solve the problem of disconnected hotel software. We build e-commerce solutions and productivity tools that embrace interconnection with third party tools (e.g Slack, MailChimp, SiteMinder, Asana etc) . We envision to bring back the happy face of hotelier. Join us! It takes everyone of us to make a hotelier life better.

Our e-commerce solutions are build to remove middleman (hotels are paying 15% commission to middleman booking sites). The economic impact of our works is to keep the hotel profit margin and to reduce the trade deficit of Malaysia.





Job Openings

Product & Engineering

Build smart solutions for hoteliers

Have passion in building products that improve someone's life? Enjoy learning new things and putting them to use? Join our product & engineering team. 


Current Openings:


Internship & Mentorship

Learn from a mentor and contribute to our success

We provide on-boarding training (approx two weeks) for interns. A mentor will be assigned to guide you throughout your internship. Join us & show us what you are made of.


Current Openings:

Marketing & Sales

Facilitate sales through engagements

Enjoy working with people and putting relationships to work? Believe in the values of the products we built?  Join our marketing & sales team.


Current Openings:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Indoor Sales Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Assistant


Flexibility. Work at your own pace and get paid

We believe in gig economy. Below is the list of gigs that you can choose from. Start earning money from home now.


Current Openings:

  • Freelance - Blog Writer (Email us at marketing@mysoftinn.com)

Business & Operation

Administer business operations & office resources

Passionate about steering business operation from human resources, financial reporting, to daily office administration? Join our business operation team.


Current Openings:

  • Business Management Executive

Our Mission

To make hotelier work easier


Our Vision

To connect 100 tools that improve hotelier productivity


we work like a sports team going for championship

We believe in life-long learning and putting what we've learn to use. Wonder what our employees wrote about us? Read our JobStreet Reviews and Glassdoor Reviews.


Perks you will get to enjoy:

  • Monthly Outings
  • Free Flow of Snacks
  • Paid online training & certification
  • Offline training & certification (HRDF)
  • Opportunities to attend training events & conferences
  • Medical insurance
  • Promo codes to book accommodations on LetsGoHoliday.my


Regular Activities:

  • Thursday Dine In: We bring our lunch (or order takeaways) every Thursday & dine together in the office