Future Payment Gateway For Philippine Hotel: Challenges & Opportunities

As the tourism sector in the Philippines continues to flourish, the demand for enhanced accommodation services escalates.

Hotels and resorts are confronted with the need to embrace streamlined solutions that simplify online reservation processes, particularly through the integration of accessible payment methods. 

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Payment Gateway for Indonesian Hotels: Key Criteria to Consider

In Indonesia’s hospitality industry, digital payment solutions like hotel payment gateways are now essential. As guest preferences shift towards online bookings and contactless payments, hoteliers require secure, convenient and easily integrated payment solutions. 

Understanding how hotel payment gateways work is crucial for improving guest experience and streamlining transactions. 

Therefore, let’s delve into the realm of hotel payment gateways in Indonesia, examining their benefits, hurdles and best practices for implementation.

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Hotel Booking Engine & Channel Manager: How does it works?

Ever wondered how hotels effortlessly manage bookings and keep everything in sync? The secret lies in two powerful tools – hotel booking engines and channel managers.  While the Property Management System (PMS) also plays a vital role in this choreography, my focus in this blog post will be exclusively on the dynamic duo of booking engines and channel managers as they team up to streamline the booking process, maximize room occupancy, and elevate overall guest satisfaction. 

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Malaysia E-Invoicing: What Hoteliers Need to Know

In May 2023, the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRB) officially declared its intention to implement the new electronic invoicing (e-invoice) system, starting with the initial phase targeting 4,000 businesses. The implementation is scheduled to start on 1st Aug 2024 for businesses achieving an annual sales threshold of RM100 million. 

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Malaysia's 8% SST in 2024 – Insights for Hoteliers

~Updated on 19th February 2024~

In response to the recent announcement in Malaysia's Budget 2024 presented in Parliament, a significant development is on the horizon that may cast a substantial impact on the hotel industry. There is an increase in the Sales & Services Tax (SST) from the current 6% to 8% which will take effect from 1st March 2024. 

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Value Added Tax (VAT) for hotels in the Philippines: FAQs included

In many countries, including the Philippines, hotels often collect various taxes and fees from their guests. These taxes are typically imposed by the government and are meant to generate revenue for local or national purposes. The specific taxes and fees can vary, but one of the common taxes collected by Hotels in the Philippines is Value Added Tax (VAT). 

Below are the Frequestionly Asked Questions (FAQs) related to VAT: 

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How to Filter and Label Hotel Bookings Email on Gmail

If you are tired of sifting through a mountain of emails every morning, this simple technique will help you stay organized and ensure that important messages don't go unnoticed. 

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Marriot’s Pricing Strategy: What You Need To Know

Try googling the largest hotel chain in the world and see what pops up. It's a guarantee that Marriot International takes the cake. Being so successful must come from a solid strategy, right? Take a look at what you can learn from Marriott's pricing strategy.

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Ical vs Channel Manager: Which one do you need?

It's hard, isn't it? Dealing with guest reservations when you're integrated with other channels is challenging, especially during peak season. To make sure you don't make any mistakes with their reservations and to prevent other issues, systems like iCal and channel manager are created. But, which one suits your hotel best?

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All You Need To Know: Hotel Front Office System

Front desk tasks can be simplified with the help of hotel front office systems. Hoteliers are now rushing to implement hotel front office systems in their hotels. From five-star hotels to boutique hotels, a hotel front office system will be a staple in helping hotelier business run smoother.

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