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Value Added Tax (VAT) for hotels in the Philippines: FAQs included

In many countries, including the Philippines, hotels often collect various taxes and fees from their guests. These taxes are typically imposed by the government and are meant to generate revenue for local or national purposes. The specific taxes and fees can vary, but one of the common taxes collected by Hotels in the Philippines is Value Added Tax (VAT). 

Below are the Frequestionly Asked Questions (FAQs) related to VAT: 

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Best Promotion Strategy for Beach Resorts

Promoting is crucial in this era to ensure your business gets the needed attention from the public. That's why you need a solid plan and strategy to promote your resort. A strong promotion strategy can help your resort in the long run. 

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How To Promote Resorts in 2023

There is fierce competition among resort owners, and each resort strives to increase revenue. To make people aware of your resort, you must make sure you promote your resort accordingly. By promoting your resort, you can attract more guests.

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Inexpensive Marketing Strategy for Hotel: Leveraging Your Existing Customers

In today's digital era, having a strong online presence is essential for any hotel business. While marketing strategies can be too costly, I am here to help you explore inexpensive yet effective ways to promote your hotel business out there. So in this blog, I will reveal the power of focusing on your existing customers and how you can capitalize on their influence to drive your hotel's marketing efforts, thus helping to boost your hotel revenue. 

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Ideas to Generate Hotel Bookings during Ramadhan

Bookings and reservations, particularly for hotels and restaurants, are sure to be impacted now that Ramadan is here. Ramadan a significantly special time for Muslims and indirectly it will take a toll on the hotel industry.

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Malaysia Tourism Tax (TTX) 2023: What You Need to Know

In line with the announcement made by the Malaysian government regarding the Tourism Tax, I will talk about a series of questions that are commonly asked by hotel owners or operators, thus helping all of you to find the answers that are related to it. 

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Hotel Tips: 5 Ways to Generate More Bookings from Facebook

A Facebook Page should be a vital channel for hotels in order to promote their business, reach out to global audiences and engage with their fans. With Facebook, the hotel should not only focus on showcasing the hotel services but also do a lot of things while promoting the hotel business. 

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How To List My Hotel on Google

Google is the most used and most popular search engine, approximately has 5 billion search queries in a day. That makes sense every business now should have one Google Business account. So, if you are opening a new hotel, let’s start to list your hotel on Google by following the below suggestions.

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10 Digital Marketing Ideas For Hotel Using Promo Codes

Promo codes aren’t news to us. We as consumers try to use it every day to save more while purchasing. Customers are constantly on the lookout for deals that will allow them to get more for less. As a result, hoteliers like you are constantly brainstorming new and profitable ways to give customers more reasons to buy. If you’re wondering just how promo codes work, it’s easy. They are a mixture of letters (or even numbers) that make up a specific code. Customers can later use this code to be entered when checking out to gain a discount. This will entice customers to purchase since they are saving a lot!

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Target Market of Small Hotel

-Last update on May 2023-

Numerous small hotels are still unsure of how to effectively target the most appropriate types of travellers for their establishments. Fair enough, you have the skills as an accommodation provider, not a marketer. But that should not be the reason why you should not know whom you should be targeting as your hotel’s customers. 

In this article, we will be covering 3 target markets you can (and should) focus on for your small hotel!

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