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Malaysia Best Hotel Payment Gateway Comparison

A payment gateway is a system that is used to process customers’ payments and is widely used by e-commerce websites to enable online payments. Hence, a payment gateway provider is a business that provides payment gateways as a service such as Eghl, Billplz, iPay88, and Paypal.

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How to Increase Hotel Direct Bookings

You love how OTA’s brings your hotel in with more exposure, but you wish you don’t have to pay them a very high commission. Here are a few tips to implement that will help you increase direct bookings in your website without needing to share your revenue with others.

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Hotel Website

The internet is a central resource for people to search for information. This also applies to the modern traveler, as they tend to research their destination, plan itineraries, and look for accommodation online. Therefore, hotels should fully capitalize on this opportunity by owning their own website.

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The 5 Important Things Needed For Your Hotel Website

Most hotels nowadays have their own website to attract potential guests and allow visitors to make bookings. Before the guests make a booking, they will search for more general information about the hotel, hence, the hotel website must provide useful information to the guests. Besides that, it is important to showcase your hotel in a professional manner, as a hotel website will reflect on the image of the hotel, and it is important to give potential guests a good impression that encourages them to book with you. Read here to learn more about the importance of hotel websites.  

A good hotel website will consist of attributes and features that make it better than the rest. The following is five important things needed for your hotel website:

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Hotel Website: The Top 5 "NO" That Might Turn Your Guests Away

Hotel websites play an important role in representing your brand and also help to increase your ROI by collecting direct bookings. A good hotel website design is the key to turn your target audience from window shopping to a real paid customer that booked a stay at your hotel. If your website is not exciting for them, they will immediately click on the exit button on their browser and search for the next hotel.

Let’s discuss what is the Top 5 “NO” to avoid on your hotel website design that might turn your guests away. 

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How to Optimize my Hotel Website Gallery Images

For your Hotel Website, an appealing photo gallery is one of the strongest assets in growing your online business. It converts your website into a powerful channel, able to attract more guests, keeping them, and then convert them to become your customers.

While pictures can be doctored and deceptive, genuine companies providing photo galleries should make sure that what the consumer sees is what the customer will get when they buy your products or services. That’s because photos work as a double-edged sword, you will lose people’s trust instead of gaining it if you disappoint them.

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How to Assess If My Hotel Website is Mobile-friendly?

A mobile-friendly website is a website that can run the same way across devices, without any changes or missing on a computer or mobile device.

However, some features are limited and are difficult to be used on mobiles like, navigation drop-downs and no Flash animation is used instead. 

As global mobile usage keeps growing, an overwhelming number of hotel bookings are coming from smartphones to the hospitality industry. People now are Five times more inclined to leave a web unless it is mobile-friendly. Now is a good time for tech-savvy hotels to upgrade the mobile-friendliness of their website, and as a result, generate further conversions.

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How to Test my Hotel Website Performance?

We are living in a fast-moving world. People want things as fast as possible and when something takes too long, they immediately get dissatisfied. Optimizing your website speed will break that wall between you and your audience. Google is people’s Best-friend, therefore, it understands that they want fast access to information, products, services, and entertainment. Hence, it appreciates websites that load quickly.

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How to Boost Reservation on Your Hotel's Website

How to Boost Reservation on Your Hotel's Website

When starting your hotel, the first question that will immediately pop in your mind will be:

“How can I get more bookings and more revenue?”

Boosting your Hotel reservations and getting more revenue would be one of the most rewarding yet challenging tasks for any hotelier.

All the same, we are all aware of the technology today and how it has taken over. Travelers today are enabled to carry out their comparative analysis without even leaving their place or beds. So if your hotel is not easy to find online, there's no doubt that your reservations are few and far between. For potential bookings, you need to be all over online, so people can find you in the window when they need to book a place to stay or even think about it.

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Benefits of Capturing Hotel Feedback

It is so exciting to wake up as a hotelier to find a positive review of your hotel online. This gives you joy and encourages you to continue the good work as a hotelier. However, it can be a sad day for you if they still leave negative comments after you try your best to serve the guests. When this happens don’t be discouraged but rather go through the review, respond happily, and promise to improve your service. You can also clarify if the review was a result of a misunderstanding.

Guests' reviews and feedbacks are important so that you can improve your services. Therefore, a hotelier needs to capture your hotel feedback. You could gain many benefits by doing so.

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