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Best Practices for a Hotel Website

In this digital age, the hotel experience that your hotel guests will have usually starts from your website. The typical guest journey starts from putting in keywords on a search engine, stumbling upon your website, and clicking on your URL to learn more about your hotel via your website. 

Once they are on your website, the guests will search for rooms, and they will proceed to book and make payment to confirm their booking. As every step is an experience for your guests,  as a hotelier your goal should be to provide an amazing experience for your guests at every touchpoint. For example, the speed of your website matters, and not just that, your website also needs to be user-friendly. 

Let’s look at some of the best practices for a hotel website.


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Mobile Friendly Hotel Website

When websites were first designed and developed, they were pretty much built to be navigated on a desktop or computer. In this digital age, most browsing activities are done via smaller devices especially smartphones. Thus, websites need to be mobile responsive to make it easy for users to navigate. 

The growth of technology makes the definition of mobile-friendly changed especially when it comes to website design and development. To better understand, a mobile-friendly website means that the website performs well on a mobile device like a phone or tablet. 

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Hotel CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System, it refers to software that allows users to easily manage the content of their website including information, text, and images. CMS usually requires very little technical to none IT skill. In other words, CMS gives users the access to amend the content of their website without the need to have coding or programming knowledge.

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Content for Hotel Website

The study found that most leisure travelers decide which hotel they want to stay at after visiting the hotel website.

A hotel website can be the main site for both hotel and guests to source the information and get more details where they can’t find that information from other sites like OTA.

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Importance of Hotel Website

Nowadays, people heavily rely on the use of the internet to find information. They crave instant and complete information. 

Having your own hotel website can be so much helpful to your hotel business. It can be one of your marketing strategies, how your hotel can be different from your competitors and how to stay competitive in the market. 

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What Should A Good Hotel Website Have?

One possible explanation on how you stumbled upon this article is most probably because your hotel does not have a website yet and you’re exploring the features that a good hotel website needs to have.

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