How to Optimize my Hotel Website Gallery Images

For your Hotel Website, an appealing photo gallery is one of the strongest assets in growing your online business. It converts your website into a powerful channel, able to attract more guests, keeping them, and then convert them to become your customers.

While pictures can be doctored and deceptive, genuine companies providing photo galleries should make sure that what the consumer sees is what the customer will get when they buy your products or services. That’s because photos work as a double-edged sword, you will lose people’s trust instead of gaining it if you disappoint them.

Now that we know how important a Website Image Gallery is, let’s see how we can improve it:


Whenever we think of how to “optimize” our Website images gallery, we should first think of the following:

  •  How to make images look good in our gallery.
  •  How to make images load quickly.
  •  and how to make images easy for search engines to index.

We’ll cover how you can optimize images using free, easy-to-use tools (No Photoshop Skill Required).


1) High-Quality Images

Have an Image Stock: You don’t have to be a professional photographer or even hire one, to use great images on your website. You can use the following options to get high-quality and copyrighted images. There are hundreds of stock photo sites where you can download photos, some are Free and some are Paid and here are our favorites:

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