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How Do I Price My Homestay?

Pricing a product has never been easy. As a homestay reservation system provider, at Softinn, we were often asked by our merchants to help them in naming their rental price. We do not have the answer BUT we believe the article below will at least help to set you in the right direction to find one.

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How Important is Facebook to Hotel and Homestay

The importance of Facebook to hotels and homestay can’t be over-emphasized especially in this digital age. The number of daily users is too large for hotels and homestays to just ignore. Millions of people log into Facebook as soon as they wake up, we can easily assume that people of all ages are using Facebook. As a hotel or homestay owner, no matter who your target audience is, you should rest assured that you will find them on Facebook.

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How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Homestay Business

Facebook Page for Homestay Business

If you are running a homestay business but do not have a dedicated Facebook page for your homestay, we suggest you think again, to have or not to have?

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