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Why Residential Door Locks Fall Short in Meeting the Security Requirements of Hotels and Airbnb

Exploring the security concerns surrounding the use of residential door locks in hotels and Airbnb.

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How To Sync Airbnb Calendar With

As a hotelier, ensuring a seamless guest experience is essential for maximizing revenue. However, managing bookings across platforms like Airbnb and can pose challenges, including double bookings and overbooking. Syncing your and Airbnb calendars resolves these issues.

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5 Easy Steps To Create Listing on Airbnb

Have an extra property that you don't know how to make use of? Well, listing them on Airbnb might be the answer for you. Airbnb is the top site for you to rent out properties and gain income. With the many Airbnb users, it would be a waste of opportunity if you don't take it.

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8 Simple Steps To Create Listing on

Running a hotel is heavy work. You're probably always looking for new ways to increase bookings and promote your property. Putting your hotel on OTAs is always a great decision. One of the top OTA sites you can list your property on is

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Glamping License in Malaysia - Is it needed?

Glamping is a hot trend today. Operating a campsite is no easy job -  there are tons of steps and guidelines to follow. Plus, you need a license now. But, the revenue it brings is certainly irresistible. This brings up the question, would you get a glamping license?

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Glamping Management System

The glamping market is clearly expanding and is projected to do so annually. If you're thinking about starting such a business, now is a fantastic moment to do so because of the rising need. You can make a smart investment and generate a sizable income stream by starting a glamping business.

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Airbnb Booking System

Many guests, especially the regulars, call the host to make a booking. This is good for the business. However, the host will end up answering tons of phone inquiries regardless of the time. Having the option to book online gives many advantages that are not only beneficial to you as the host, but to your customers as well.

After Airbnb went public listed, they are on a drive to increase their revenue. That is why the removal of guest service charges and moves to a 15% host commission model - up from 3% commission. Rising commission to the property is nothing new since most of the OTAs do so to the hotels over the years. Airbnb might follow the path to success set forth by other OTAs. The more hotel relies on OTAs, the harder for them to say "No" to the hike in commission. That's why many hotels focus on "direct booking" now to reduce their reliance on OTAs. On the other hand, the hike in commission is inevitable. After all, it's getting more costly for OTAs to distribute your Airbnb (or your room) because most of them are competing to sell to the same group of customers (fixed demand).

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Airbnb Accounting Software

Tracking the rental income and expenses of an Airbnb business takes up 25% of a host time. On top of answering the booking inquiries and housekeeping, bookkeeping ranks third most time-consuming task for an Airbnb host.

For the Airbnb management company that manages someone else's properties, the need for a bookkeeping system is inevitable. As you can read in this thread on the Airbnb forum, the Airbnb management companies are looking for bookkeeping software. The common requirements of accounting software for Airbnb are:

  • to track expenses and rental income,
  • to auto-generate reports for each property owner.

As the Airbnb property owner or operator, you might be looking for the easiest way to keep track of the money in and out. You realize the crucial need to have Airbnb accounting software instead of record and keep track of them manually. With the right Airbnb accounting software, you will be able to handle the cash flow with ease.


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Airbnb and Channel Manager

There are three ways to keep your Airbnb calendar in sync with the calendar. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of each. The vacation rental industry has become more popular, and it's now even more competitive. If you are the property owner or operator that wanted to grow your Airbnb business, you need to consider getting your property listed on more than one platform other than the Airbnb app. By advertising the property through multiple channels, there is a high possibility to reach more audiences around the world. It gives more opportunities to generate more bookings.

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How Do I Price My Homestay?

Pricing a product has never been easy. As a homestay reservation system provider, at Softinn, we were often asked by our merchants to help them in naming their rental price. We do not have the answer BUT we believe the article below will at least help to set you in the right direction to find one.

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