5 Easy Steps To Create Listing on Airbnb

Have an extra property that you don't know how to make use of? Well, listing them on Airbnb might be the answer for you. Airbnb is the top site for you to rent out properties and gain income. With the many Airbnb users, it would be a waste of opportunity if you don't take it.

Airbnb is one of the top-used OTAs sites globally. Online travel agencies, or OTAs, organize lodging, excursions, and other travel-related items for customers and market them online. They are regarded as a third party that purchases services on behalf of other companies. These OTAs often provide lots of benefits and ease the process by allowing users to handle more of it themselves. 


What is Airbnb?

Airbnb, which stands for "Air Bed and Breakfast," is a service that enables property owners to let guests who are looking for accommodations stay in their locations. Travelers can lease a communal area with private rooms, a space for several people to share, or the entire property for themselves.

what is airbnb

By using this platform, hosts can reach millions of potential guests globally while knowing that a large organization will manage payments and provide support as needed. The name of the business reflects its beginnings when its co-founders used paying guests to stay on an air mattress in their living room to pay the rent.


Benefits of Listing on Airbnb

Being an Airbnb host will give advantages. Here are some you might want to take note of:

i. Earn additional money

By creating a listing on Airbnb, you might use the additional money to live somewhere you might not otherwise be able to afford, or you can use the money from your Airbnb earnings to build an extension. If your income from Airbnb is high enough, you could even be able to quit your other jobs and concentrate only on short-term rentals.

ii. Airbnb does most of the work

Airbnb offers you an inexpensive way of marketing and obtaining reservations through their website, as well as a ready-made system for processing the bookings and payment, making the process considerably easier than doing it independently. Creating a listing on Airbnb will not make you feel overwhelmed by the workload.

iii. Enjoy freedom and flexibility

With Airbnb, each host is able to decide how much to charge for the accommodation. Fairness must be considered when deciding on a rental rate. Additionally, you are in charge of your own schedule. You are free to remove your house from the market whenever you choose! With Airbnb, hosts have much freedom and control over their schedules.

Putting your rental property up on Airbnb means you can allot more time to do things you love and care about. Even more so when you get a property manager to handle all the tasks that come with a short-term rental. When you have a listing on Airbnb, you get to enjoy extra income while still having time for other activities. 

iv. Protection 

Both payments and insurance are handled by Airbnb. Because they pay in full before staying in your house or apartment, you won't need to bother about following them for payment. If any of your visitors harm your property, Airbnb's Host Guarantee program will cover the costs. So, having a listing on Airbnb will guarantee you lesser chances of loss. 


How To Create A Listing on Airbnb

Making a listing on Airbnb is easy and will only take a few minutes of your time. Here is how you can make a listing on Airbnb:

1. Register An Account

register airbnb account

register airbnb account

Before you get the option to be a host on Airbnb, you need to have an account first. Get yourself registered on the Airbnb website. If you already have an account, you can straightaway click on 'Airbnb your home'. Fill in your details or sign up using your Google account. 

If you choose to sign up with a phone number, they will send a confirmation code to that number. This whole process will only take about a minute. Voila! You now have an Airbnb account. 

2. Tell About Your Place

register airbnb account

The next step after you press 'Airbnb your home', you will be directed to this page. The first stage is to tell about your property. Here you will describe your property's basic information. Click 'Next' every time you finish filling in your information. 

i. Describe your property 

airbnb property

You need to choose from a list of properties which option suits your place best. There's a lot to choose from so don't worry about not finding something similar to your property. Next, you need to specify what type of place will the guest have access to. Are they renting the entire place? Are they only renting a room on the property? Be specific so guests know what they are signing up for.  

ii. Put in your property's address

airbnb property address

After that, the address of the property will need to be confirmed. An address is an important factor to determine if the property would be a hit or not. Make sure the address you fill in is correct and put the pin in the right spot. If your property has many attractions located near, that would certainly boost the chances of your property getting picked. 

Before deciding to be an Airbnb host, think about your property's location and if it will generate sufficient income or not. Before clicking next, make sure the address you put in is correct. You don't want the guest to be lost now, do you?

iii. Put in basic info about your property's room

airbnb property info

The last step in this stage is to provide basic information about the place you're listing. As a host, you need to specify how many guests are allowed to stay at your property. The guest should also know how many bedrooms are provided, how many beds are available, and if there is a bathroom. These are all crucial information that guests will seek to help them make a choice.  

3. Make Your Place Stand Out

make your airbnb stand out

Moving on to the next stage, 'Make your place stand out', where you will add extra information that will boost your property. This stage will help you make your place desirable for guests to stay and if it's worth their money. 

i. Share what your property has to offer

airbnb property

Having good facilities and amenities are definitely a factor to win guest's hearts. These extra amenities will make their stay more enjoyable. List out the facilities or amenities that you provided in your property. Be honest with what you put, you don't want the guest to be cheated on. Make sure you provide the guest with safety amenities like a fire extinguisher or smoke alarm. This will make sure they have a tool to help them when in danger.

ii. Select your photos

airbnb photos

The most important part is pictures! Ask anyone what they look first when finding a place to stay and their answers will definitely be the photos. Through photos, guests can see what the place looks like and if it is up to their needs. That's why you need to carefully pick the best photos for your property. Lisiting on Airbnb that are popular all has high-quality images that show the property in detail.

You can add a minimum of 5 photos. The more pictures, the better. Make sure you take the picture from a nice angle with proper lighting. Add pictures of your property from the outside or pictures of attractions near it. If your property offers a nice view, make sure to include that also. 

iii. Add your title and describe

airbnb property name

Next, when you're done with adding pictures, you have to give your property a title. This is what guests see as the name when your property pops up. Through the title, you can briefly explain what your property has to offer. 

After that, you need to describe your property. You can choose from the filters they have provided. You can pick if your property is family-friendly or if it is in a quiet area. 

iv. Add description

airbnb description

The last step in this stage is to add your description of the property. Make the description interesting and inviting for guests to be more inclined to choose your property. You can win their hearts through a well-put-together description that highlights all the pros of staying on your property. Make sure you don't exceed the word limit!

4. Finish Up and Publish

publish airbnb account

Finally, we have come to the last stage which is ' Finish up and publish'. In this stage, you will add some finishing touches and settings before making your listing go live.

i. Choose your first guest

airbnb first guest

First step on this stage is choosing who will be your first guest. You have the option to pick either any Airbnb guest or an experienced guest - someone who has been using Airbnb for a while and has a good record as a guest. 

This is only for the first guest for your property, after this anyone can book your property.

ii. Set a price

airbnb price

Here comes the price you are excited about, setting the price. You can change it anytime so don't worry if you want to make changes in the future. Airbnb has a tool that lets you compare what ratings other hosts are putting for a similar property like yours. This can help you pick a reasonable price that will be accepted by guests.

iii. Add any discounts

airbnb discount

We are nearing the last step. Here, you just have to add discounts for your property. Having discounts will help boost your property and make it get bookings faster so you can get reviews quicker. You can choose which discounts to put as a start. There are three choices to choose from. Pick the one that is suitable for your property.

iv. Safety precautions

airbnb safety

The last step! For the last step in the last stage, you must tick which safety precautions you have. This is to ensure the level of safety guests can expect from your property. Make sure your property complies with local laws and Airbnb's terms and policies. 

5. You Are Now An Airbnb Host!

airbnb host

Congratulations, you finished all the steps! Now you can start getting your first booking. You can add new properties o your listing anytime and make changes to all of them. The freedom is all yours.

Tips To Optimize Airbnb Listing 

Here are some tips for you to optimize your listings on Airbnb:

1. Manage Reviews & Add Personal Touch

Make sure to often review the comments made about your property. It's critical to know that visitors enjoyed their stay. If they post a negative review, you may use it as feedback to improve your product. Other guests will refer to a property's reviews to help them choose a property. If your property has many positive reviews, your chances of getting picked will increase. 

Adding a personal touch to your property will elevate the guest's experience and make them enjoy their stay more. Some ways you can add personal touches are by leaving complimentary drinks or snacks, decorating the place, leaving a note welcoming the guest, providing a list of recommended places for them to visit, or providing them with board games they can play during their stay. 

2. Quality of Photos

Using eye-catching pictures of your space, you can give potential tenants a feel of what to anticipate when they rent your space. Best practices when taking photos:

i. Setting the stage

Make sure the area is tidy and clutter-free to give it a bright and welcoming appearance.

ii. It works best in daylight

To make your room brighter, open the blinds and switch on the lights.

iii. Publish in landscape mode

Vertical photographs won't adequately represent your area because all of the photos in search results are presented in landscape mode.

iv. Upload in the appropriate resolution

Use images with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 683 pixels. When in doubt, a larger image is preferable.

v. Show off special features

Visitors enjoy staying in locations with personality, so draw emphasis to elements like a fireplace, piece of art, or a barbecue in the backyard.

vi. Features that make access easier to use

Make sure to draw attention to features like broad entrances, step-free flooring, and grab rails that are beneficial to visitors with restricted mobility. Find out more about the qualities that meet the criteria and the ideal photography techniques.

If you want to learn more, there is a Photoshoot Guide by Airbnb that you can check out!

3. Have Clear House Rules

Airbnb house rules are a collection of instructions that explain how hosts want their visitors to act while they are staying in their accommodations. It's crucial for hosts to establish clear guidelines and ensure that visitors abide by them. You can steer clear of all kinds of issues by having house rules.

airbnb house rules

Source: Host Tools

4. List Detailed Amenities

The majority of guests believe that great amenities are a must-have for a wonderful trip. Due to the increasing demand for longer stays, this is now even more crucial. Additionally, guests frequently filter their search results to locate the top 10 amenities. Make sure you're adding or upgrading your amenities to stand out in search results.

Top Amenities Guests Love:

  1. Wifi
  2. Fully equipped kitchen
  3. Air-conditioner
  4. Toiletries
  5. Extra pillows, blankets, towels

5. Provide Good Services

Guests will expect a clean, pretty property when they check-in. You need to make sure your property is always cleaned after guests have used them and regularly clean them even when it has not been used for a time. You also need to provide other services besides cleaning like pest control, HVAC repair service, and key lock services.

6. Manage Calendar and Availability 

Managing your calendar and availability on Airbnb is crucial for a smooth booking process and guest satisfaction. This is to ensure the accurate availability of the rooms to prevent overbooking and build trust with your potential guests. Airbnb has its own calendar that you can merge with other calendars. 

Here's the thing. You can use the iCal format to import and export availability data, enabling synchronization with other platforms and minimizing the risk of overbookings. Alternatively, a Channel Manager can streamline the process by updating the availability in one place, and the changes are automatically synchronized across all connected platforms, including Airbnb.




Listing your property on OTAs will enhance your exposure and bookings. If you are looking for all-in-one solutions to manage your vacation rental listings easily, head up to this Airbnb Management Software. It has all the tools and reports that you need to manage multiple properties. 

Look at the Guide to Online Travel Agencies if you need help deciding if this OTA is right for you. It just takes a few seconds and is free. You can further learn if Airbnb and other OTAs are suitable or not for your property.

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