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Get Your Hotel Listed On OTAs: The Pros and Cons

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) serve as popular platforms for travelers seeking package deals, accommodations, flights, tours, and various travel services. They play a crucial role in distribution channels, extending reach and boosting bookings.

Yet, while OTAs offer extensive reach, they come with the drawback of commission payments on each booking. To guide decision-making, this blog post provides a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of online travel agents. 

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Hotel Booking Engine: Understanding the Fundamentals

In this evolving era where technology is designed to help and simplify day-to-day life, the hotel industry has also undergone a lot of transformation. With the rise of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and the increasing demand for seamless booking experiences, hoteliers have started to recognize the value of prioritizing direct bookings. Hence, this is where a powerful tool - Hotel Booking Engine exists and plays a crucial role in driving direct bookings, connecting with the guests directly, and ultimately enhancing guests' satisfaction. 

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Future Payment Gateway For Philippine Hotel: Challenges & Opportunities

As the tourism sector in the Philippines continues to flourish, the demand for enhanced accommodation services escalates.

Hotels and resorts are confronted with the need to embrace streamlined solutions that simplify online reservation processes, particularly through the integration of accessible payment methods. 

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Payment Gateway for Indonesian Hotels: Key Criteria to Consider

In Indonesia’s hospitality industry, digital payment solutions like hotel payment gateways are now essential. As guest preferences shift towards online bookings and contactless payments, hoteliers require secure, convenient and easily integrated payment solutions. 

Understanding how hotel payment gateways work is crucial for improving guest experience and streamlining transactions. 

Therefore, let’s delve into the realm of hotel payment gateways in Indonesia, examining their benefits, hurdles and best practices for implementation.

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Hotel Booking Engine & Channel Manager: How does it works?

Ever wondered how hotels effortlessly manage bookings and keep everything in sync? The secret lies in two powerful tools – hotel booking engines and channel managers.  While the Property Management System (PMS) also plays a vital role in this choreography, my focus in this blog post will be exclusively on the dynamic duo of booking engines and channel managers as they team up to streamline the booking process, maximize room occupancy, and elevate overall guest satisfaction. 

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Inexpensive Marketing Strategy for Hotel: Leveraging Your Existing Customers

In today's digital era, having a strong online presence is essential for any hotel business. While marketing strategies can be too costly, I am here to help you explore inexpensive yet effective ways to promote your hotel business out there. So in this blog, I will reveal the power of focusing on your existing customers and how you can capitalize on their influence to drive your hotel's marketing efforts, thus helping to boost your hotel revenue. 

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Secure Payment Gateways for Hotel Direct Bookings

In today's digital age, having secure and convenient payment gateways are essential for businesses of all sizes, especially hotels. Previously, I wrote about What is Payment Gateway together with the list of the top leading payment gateway in Sout East Asia. So in this article, I will be sharing how implementing secure payment gateways can boost your hotel business and increase customer satisfaction.

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Glamping Booking System - 5 Important Features that You Need

A glamping type of accommodation has become a popular trend nowadays. This trend started to evolve especially after the MCO was lifted in 2022. Those travellers who love to explore nature but at the same time would like to experience another level of camping type, they will go for Glamping - “glamorous camping”. 

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8 Common Rate Plans used by hotels in 2023

Whether your hotel is located in the heart of the city area, near the beach or even situated on a hill surrounded by lush forests, having a good pricing strategy would definitely affect your hotel’s revenue. It is very important to sell the room at the right price at the right time. For this, we have compiled a list of Common Rate Plans in hotels that can be used by you in order to have attractive rates to offer to your potential customers. 

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Hotel Tips: 5 Ways to Generate More Bookings from Facebook

A Facebook Page should be a vital channel for hotels in order to promote their business, reach out to global audiences and engage with their fans. With Facebook, the hotel should not only focus on showcasing the hotel services but also do a lot of things while promoting the hotel business. 

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