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Online Hotel Bookings vs. Offline Bookings

The internet has changed people’s behavior. The tourism industry has changed because of the internet. People use the internet to do their research online. Travelers use the internet to compare hotels and their prices when deciding on their vacation destinations. Thanks to the internet as the booking process is no longer the same as before.

Nowadays, booking can be made earlier than the date of the stay. No queuing up at the front desk is required. Travelers can choose which hotel they want to stay based on previous guests. People use the internet to read reviews about the place they want to go to and the things they want to do. Below we are going to discuss the difference between online hotel bookings and offline bookings.

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Smart Strategies To Increase Your Hotel Direct Booking

Before talking about ways to increase your property direct bookings, you must believe that direct booking will be beneficial to your hotel. There are many benefits of direct booking to a hotelier. The most obvious one being that it will bring in more profits to your hotel and of course, less dependent on OTAs. It is important to note that, there is no magical strategy that will automatically increase your direct bookings. But rather your direct bookings will come as a result of applying some strategies which we are going to discuss in this article.

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Hotel Online Payment: Understanding Different Payment Methods For Hotels

Your main goal as a hotelier is to fill your rooms and generate more profit. The Internet has a lot of information on how hotels can increase their direct bookings and how they can change their marketing strategy to attract more guests. However, the fact is, if your guests find it difficult to make a payment on your website then all your marketing effort would have been in vain.

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Therefore, it is important to understand that the conversion of your prospective guests begins from the moment they become site visitors to your booking page to your customers. This conversion is only considered complete when your site visitors have paid for their bookings. Hence, it is important for you not to lose your site visitors, especially during their payment stage. This article will discuss the understanding of different hotel online payment methods.


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Things You Should Consider When Choosing A Bed & Breakfast Reservation Software

bed and breakfast (commonly known as B & B) is a small-scale lodging establishment offering overnight accommodation and breakfast. As a hotelier who owns a B & B hotel, you still need reservation software that suits your hotel’s smaller size. However, most bed and breakfast owners still use excel and reservation books to manage their guests. They do not look for the importance of investing in reservation software, probably because they think their hotel business is small. 


But there are advantages to investing in reservation software for a bed and breakfast. It will make their life easier and help them to better manage their guests. It will also increase their direct booking, therefore, increasing their revenue which is the main objective of every hotel owner. Next, we will discuss some things that you should consider when choosing a hotel bed and breakfast reservation software.

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How To Get Guests To Book Direct

Guests are becoming willing to book directly from hotel websites and social media pages. Due to the high use of gadgets which includes mobile devices, tablets, laptops, etc. Guests now prefer to do their searches online before booking a room. These searches usually take them to hotel websites, and if the hotels are doing their marketing right, they will be getting more direct bookings daily. Direct bookings are more beneficial to hotels compared to bookings from OTAs. This is because OTAs will usually charge high commissions, therefore, decreasing the revenue of the hotel. 

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This article will discuss some of the smart tips on how to get guests to book directly from your hotel.

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Features Of A Good Hotel Booking Engines

The importance of a hotel booking engine can no longer be overlooked. No wonder even small hotels have started investing in a booking engine. With a booking engine integrated into your hotel website and social media pages, you can accept bookings any time and from anywhere. Guests can book their rooms at their own convenient time. You also can accept payment on your website in any currency your guests want to pay with and in any language, they prefer doing their bookings with. 

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This article will highlight some features of a good hotel booking engine that you may consider if you haven’t got one.

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Why Small Hotels Need Cloud-Based Hotel Reservation Software

It is the right time for small hotels to embrace all the things that technology has to offer. Some hoteliers who manage small hotels may think that hotel reservation software will complicate their tasks. This is not the case but rather a cloud-based hotel reservation software will simplify tasks and make the life of hoteliers easier. Investing in a good cloud-based hotel reservation software will help you start from your website, and provide your guests with an amazing experience when booking your room, and during the check-in and check-out. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why small hotels need cloud-based hotel reservation software.

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6 Hotel Booking Trends In 2019 That Every Hotelier Should Know

These days more and more hotels are springing up. Hotels try their best daily to fill their rooms and make more profit. Due to there are now more options when it comes to hotels, hoteliers now try their best to offer excellent customer service and satisfy their guests. Here, we listed down some of the hotel booking trends in 2019 that every hotelier should know.


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Benefits of Hotel Direct Booking

Nowadays, most hotels have their hotel website and social media pages, allowing the installation of booking engines in these hotel websites and social media pages. These have given hoteliers more confidence to promote and market their hotels to their guests while offering them some incentives in the process to convince them to book directly from their website. Although there are advantages of occupying your rooms vacancies through online travel agents (OTAs), there are also benefits of direct booking. Below we list some of the benefits of hotel direct bookings. 

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How Does Hotel Booking Engine Work?

Gone are those days when bookings were made at the hotel front desk. Today, almost all travel planning processes are happening online from finding accommodation to booking.

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