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Hotel Booking Engines

A hotel booking engine is a system installed on a hotel website or other platforms like Facebook. Simply say, a booking engine should allow your rooms to be sold through:  

  • your own hotel website
  • other platforms you own like Facebook, Blogpost, etc

Throughout this article, you will get to know the main functions, the benefits of having own hotel booking engine, the guideline on how to do the comparison and what you should look into when you choose a booking engine for your hotel.  

The purpose of having a hotel booking engine is to allow guests to make a reservation at their convenience and to secure the booking through an online process. 

No matter what size of your hotel business, if you want to maintain your business and remain competitive, your hotel must not be operating without a hotel booking engine! 


The main functions of a Hotel Booking Engine are:

  • To facilitate the guest shopping experience
  • To show the rates and available options based on the search criteria (arrival date, number of nights, and number of pax, etc)
  • To record booking and collect payment
  • To notify both guest and hotel on bookings made online

The benefits of having a hotel booking engine:

  • The quick and easy setup process
  • Reduce manual work of hotel front desk and save time
  • Better customer experience 
  • Reduce "no-show" customer behavior as the booking had been confirmed and secured with payment through online
  • Hotels can play with attractive promotional offers like early-booker or last minute booking 

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How to find a good hotel booking engine if you still don't have any? 

Before selecting any hotel booking engine for your hotel, you must study the features first. For example, what kind of features are they offering? Is it worth spending money on that features?

Most of the hotel booking engine providers out there offer a trial account for hoteliers to try out their system before deciding to use it. This is your opportunity to compare features offered by different providers and choose the best system for your hotel.

If there is no free trial is available, you may also request a demonstration of the hotel booking engine from the provider. 

Here we list you top 10 features that a good booking engine should have:

  • Mobile friendly
  • User friendly (Should require simple steps for guests to complete the booking process)
  • Provide hotel website development service
  • Secured payment gateway options. Traveler can choose to pay from the various type of payment gateways such as online banking, credit card, debit card, e-wallet, and more
  • Easy and quick setup for the room, calendar, price, and necessary part 
  • Provides smart promotion code system
  • Provide self-service cancellation 
  • Ability to up-sell your hotel services (e.g. extra beds, early check-in, airport transfer, meeting room package and etc)
  • Ability to connect and install in other social networking sites
  • E-commerce tracking capability (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads Tracker). Track and measure user behavior and run re-marketing campaign and traceable ROI

Once you come to the decision part, make sure that the hotel booking engine that you have selected suits the requirements and comprehensive solution for your hotel business. 

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