6 Reasons To Choose Softinn Booking Engine

Most of the hotels received their bookings from OTAs, but a smart hotelier chose a direct booking strategy which can help to attract potential customers to book through hotel websites and build strong customer relationships. With a good hotel website, you will need to have a smart booking engine installed on your website, which may lead your guest to check out immediately while browsing through your website without going to OTAs to book it there, and also help to reduce your paid commission to OTAs and lastly drive in direct booking sales.

Here are the Top 6 Reasons why you should choose Softinn Booking Engine:-

Direct Booking Engine System

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With a booking engine system installed on your hotel website, you will immediately have a high chance to turn "looker" into "booker". The moment they browse through the website, that means they have the intention to proceed with the booking. They will expect to have a 'Book Now' button in order to proceed with the booking immediately.

Besides, most people nowadays are using their smartphones in their daily lives. For example, food delivery, book flight tickets, and hotels. A Facebook Page is now an important platform for hotels. A smart hotelier will install their booking engine into their Facebook Page, which creates a higher chance for any potential customers to book directly through their Facebook page while browsing through without leaving their Facebook. For example, if a guest notices on your Facebook post that you are creating a promo code for a specific date, and they can simply click on your Facebook page and then click the “book now” button to place for their booking without multiple steps to go to your website or OTAs platform.

Accept Online Payment 

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Hotels collect full payment before check-in and it brings convenience to the guest by offering multiple payment methods to let them choose when checkout. Accepting online payment may also help hotels to better improve the cash flow of the hotels and more secure to hotels to avoid any “no show” guests or last-minute cancellations. At the same time, it also gives more benefits:

  • No additional payment gateway charges
  • No payment gateway installation fees
  • Protect hotels from stolen credit cards
  • Fraud management
Softinn's booking engine supports multiple online payment methods which include credit cards - Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, E-wallet, Local Online or Offline Banking (Malaysia & Indonesia).

Mobile-Friendly Interface

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Mobile phones used by most people nowadays, allow people to do most of their tasks online such as paying bills, buying stuff, reading news & so on. It is important to have a mobile-friendly interface for your guests to easily access via their mobile phones. Also, it brings benefits to the Hoteliers which you can access anytime, anywhere. Only by login into Softinn Extranet, you may “stop selling” your room with only a few clicks. Besides, you may also manage your room rates and booking calendar on one page. Softinn Extranet offers a mobile-friendly web application where you can easily manage and monitor your bookings and also your calendar by using your mobile phones or computers.

Imagine that you are now traveling, and some of your room is under maintenance due to some reason, you may only log in to the Softinn Extranet and go to your booking calendar to block the specific room type with only a few clicks. Besides, you can unblock it by double click on your booking calendar. Wasn't it convenient for you? No VPN installed needed for you to work remotely. You can travel while managing your hotel by using your mobile phone only.

Support Multi-Users and Properties


Do you own multiple properties, such as managing a hotel chain or multiple properties at once? I believe you will find this useful for you and ease your task. Softinn booking engine supports:-

  • Multiple users and properties (Example: Hotel Chains & Property Manager)
  • Role access control

With the Softinn booking engine, you will only need to log in to our Softinn Extranet and you will be able to manage all of your properties at once, update the price, unit, allotments (no logout required to switch between properties). Furthermore, you will also have full control to invite new users and assign roles to them in Softinn Extranet. No limit in the total number of users and hotels.

Promotion Code System

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It is one of the common ways to attract more customers by offering a promotion at your place of stay, such as offering a specific promo code during a festive period. Promotions are one of the most effective ways to turn those window shopping guests into a paid guests. However, how do create a promo code? With the Softinn booking engine, we offer promotion code systems that support to:-

  • Easily create unique offers to target different customers segments
  • Customize minimum spend and nights discount
  • Create exclusive vouchers for Trade fair
  • Create unique promo code specific for your VIPs guest only
  • Traceable promo code usages

By having a promotion system, you can easily create basic, last minutes or early bookers promo codes to target different customer segments. Also, as a token of appreciation, you can create a unique promo code only offered to your loyal customers. All of the promo code that you offer, it is traceable on Softinn Extranet.

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Self-Service Cancellation System

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Received a booking cancellation request from a guest, and handled it manually to cancel the booking and make a refund to the guest? No, it is too much of a task and time-consuming. Let the system do it for you. Softinn provides a self-service cancellation system that helps hotels to handle booking cancellation cases easily. It creates digital for hotel cancellation policy and having a guest file for cancellation online. Hence, it saves time by no more phone calls and emails required for any cancellation request. If a guest wishes to cancel their booking, they will only have to go to the booking confirmation ticket and click on the modify or cancel booking button to proceed with their request. All of the cancellation charges are calculated by the system and helps to avoid any unnecessary human manual error.


Having a hotel website, but there is no booking engine installed on your website? That is wasted and you are losing a 50% chance of booking which the guests are expected to place a booking immediately while browsing through your website to plan for their upcoming stay. Be a smart hotelier, take full control of your hotels, manage your own rooms rates, customer experience, build the relationship with your guests by offering promo code or incentive to them and turn them to be one of the loyal guests that will help you to immediately drives more bookings without any commissions charges which you could not experience with OTAs. Start collecting direct bookings by Installing a smart booking engine on your hotel website now!

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