The Importance of Promo Codes In Promoting Your Hotel

As a hotelier if you are already running your hotel or about to start you should consider to include promo codes among your promotion and marketing strategy. Promo codes have already proved that they can be a powerful marketing tool for hotels. If used properly and with the right marketing strategy, promo codes can help you to fill your rooms faster by convincing reluctant clients to book from you. Also, you can use promo codes to attract more direct bookings to your hotel through your websites and social media pages. Below we are going to discuss some of the importance of promo codes in promoting your hotel.

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Improve The Effectiveness of All Your Sales Channel

Nowadays there are many sales channels available to hoteliers which they can use to promotes their hotel and its facilities. These sales channels include their hotel website and their hotel social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Implementing promo codes as one of your marketing strategies will improve the effectiveness of these sales channels. When this happens it will result in more loyal customers and of course more revenue for your hotel.

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Widens Online Reach and Increases Brand Awareness

When you start your promo code strategy very well it will not only help you to fill your rooms but it will also widen your online reach. This is true, especially on social media channels. Also, there are many kind of promo code websites that you can market your promo codes on. These promo code websites gets its traffic from people who are interested in promo codes. So, by using promo codes the online reach of your hotel will widen and at the same time, it will increase the brand awareness of your hotel which is a good thing for your hotel.


Make Customers Happy

Customer happiness and satisfaction is very important in the hospitality industry. As a hotelier, your primary goal is to make your clients happy. Satisfied guests are usually the ones that rate you high and leave good reviews for your hotel. Having said this, promo codes are one of the things that make guests happy. This is because some customers actually look for these kind of promo codes and when they finally get and use them, they feel so satisfied and they usually leave good testimonies which will attract more guests to your hotel.

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Regain Old Customers

One of the benefits of using promo codes is that it usually regain your old guests. Your old guests who are no longer book with your hotel due to one reason or the other will use the opportunity of a promo code to come back to your hotel. This is a good thing because it will help fill your rooms.


Effective During Seasonal and Holiday Sales


Promo codes work magic during seasonal and holiday sales. This is because there are usually a lot of promotions and competitions occurring in the hotel industry during these holiday seasons. Thus, introducing a promo code during this seasonal period will help you to fill your rooms faster compared to your competitors.


Remember to always put a time limit on your promo code. This will help you to check the effectiveness of the promo codes. In the end, you can analyze how effective each promo codes are and which channel performed better. It will helps you a lot when going through your marketing decision-making.

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