10 Digital Marketing Ideas For Hotel Using Promo Codes

Promo codes aren’t news to us. We as consumers try to use it every day to save more while purchasing. Customers are constantly on the lookout for deals that will allow them to get more for less. As a result, hoteliers like you are constantly brainstorming new and profitable ways to give customers more reasons to buy. If you’re wondering just how promo codes work, it’s easy. They are a mixture of letters (or even numbers) that make up a specific code. Customers can later use this code to be entered when checking out to gain a discount. This will entice customers to purchase since they are saving a lot!

Before we move any further, check out this video to get a walkthrough on how you can create promo codes for your hotel guests using Softinn Extranet.


Using promo codes has been proven an effective way to increase sales, get new guests, and take advantage of seasonal opportunities. But if everyone's using the same marketing strategy, how will your hotel stand out? Fret not. Here are 10 digital marketing ideas for hotels using promo codes!

10 Digital Marketing Ideas for Hotels Using Promo Codes

1. Loyalty Programs

All hotels strive to have loyal customers. The less likely a customer is to switch brands, the better, and hotel loyalty programmes are an excellent way to ensure this commitment. A hotel loyalty programme is similar to an airline's mileage rewards programme in that it rewards frequent travellers with additional benefits. It's a marketing strategy used by hotel chains (and occasionally independents) to attract and retain customers by offering discounts and other benefits. You can give out promo codes by using the details you have on them, more specifically through emails. 

According to Forbes, 42 per cent of small businesses with more than 500 subscribers say their email marketing strategies are effective or very effective, compared to only 20% of businesses with 500 or fewer subscribers.

There are several aspects you need to consider for a loyalty program for your hotel. You need to define the term “loyalty” for your brand. You also need to make sure that guests in this program are personalised. Don’t use a one size fits all approach. You need to segment these customers to help you with this using CRM. Read our blog post that focuses on the best customer relationship management for your hotel.  

Code ideas:

  • DAISY8 (Your hotel name + Hotel anniversary year)


2. Peak Seasons & Unusual Dates

Peak season is defined by Collins English Dictionary as “the time of year when the most people take holidays and when holidays are at the highest prices”.  Peak season isn't the same everywhere because climates differ so much from country to country (and, in many cases, region to region). Furthermore, due to popular local festivals, holidays, special events, or microclimates, specific countries, regions, or even cities may have their own specific peak seasons. 

Other than focusing on peak season, you can also focus on unusual dates. Unusual dates that you can consider promoting are Single Day (11.11), Plan A Solo Vacation Day (1.3), or even International Women’s Day (8.3). Of course, you can also focus on a month type of celebration, like Mental Health Month (October) and  Stress Awareness Month (April). You can go ahead on daysoftheyear.com to find out more dates or months in which you can brainstorm your next promo code campaign.

Code ideas:



3. Early Bird Discounts

An early bird deal or offer is available at a discounted price, but that requires customers to purchase it sooner than they would normally do so to qualify. Starting at the beginning of the season, early-bird discounts are frequently available.

Hotels can increase the number of advanced reservations they receive by offering something called an Early Bird Discount. Many hotels take advantage of this to boost revenue and encourage guests to make reservations in advance. It is possible to offer a special discount for booking in advance, such as "book by (time you allocate) and receive a free room upgrade" or "book by (time you allocate) and receive a free breakfast." Providing such incentives to your guests may encourage them to book with you again rather than with another hotel the next time they travel.


4. Room Rates Promotions

Room rates promotions are one of the methods that you can look into. For each room type, hotels always have more than one rate code category to choose from. Room rate categories are typically associated with the types of rooms that are available for purchase at the hotel ( Eg: Standard, Deluxe, Premier, etc).

Say that you are currently having a slow-selling period, why not consider offering a special deal on different room rates, such as 30 per cent off for a Standard Room or no additional charge for an extra mattress.

Code ideas:


5. Specific Day Promotions

Even if it is not a national holiday, a specific day can be sufficient enough justification for running a promotion. Simply use a code and promote it on all your online platforms, from your website to your social media. This is a great way to increase your online presence and exposure to viewers. Also, who says that it only can be done on weekends? You can also incorporate weekdays, specifically to target your lower selling season.

Code ideas:



6. Special Treats on Social Media

Because of the lockdown we experienced during the pandemic, social media has had a greater impact on us than ever before. In recent years, the emergence of new social media applications such as TikToks has fundamentally altered the social media landscape. Social media offers a simple way to reward your loyal fans and customers, as well as increase awareness and sales. 

Create a special treat for your social media fans such as getting a 30 % discount on room rates or offering a promo code for an off discount on flexible rates with breakfast. You can also create engagement with your fans by creating a competition online and giving out an exclusive promo code to the winner.

Code ideas:

  • HOWDY10
  • DAISYIGERS30 (Hotel name+ IGers + Discount amount)
  • FOMO15

7. Minimum Purchase Discount 

An offer based on the total value of a shopping cart is an effective upselling tactic to encourage guests to spend more. Hoteliers can also offer minimum purchase discounts for specific room rates. If there's a particular room rate you want customers to focus on, try adding a minimum purchase discount to incentive your guests. You can do this by offering them a specific room type or length of stay. For example, a 15% discount for purchases over RM500. 

Code ideas:

  • 15FOR500
  • SAVE50

8. Referral Program 

A referral program is a systematic way of getting people to make referrals to your business. This helps you get some new customers and also build the loyalty of your existing customers. For example, create a special discount such as getting 5% off for yourself and 10% for their friend who uses their referral code. When a guest brings their friends to the book room, they can get 5% off on the room rate during their next stay while their friends can get 5% off on the room. This will be more encouraged to spread positive word-of-mouth


9. Abandoned Cart Offer

According to SaleCycle, 80 per cent of people put items in their shopping carts and then leave the store without making a final decision. This condition has the potential to cause your hotel to lose a significant amount of revenue. Although we cannot eliminate cart abandonment, we can reduce the likelihood of it occurring. You also need to understand why customers abandoned their carts. Was it because other hotels are offering a better price or since there are hidden fees? To recover these abandoned carts, Softinn has the appropriate tools in place, such as automated abandoned cart emails. This could assist hoteliers in convincing customers to complete their purchases, even when they leave your website.


10. Emails/Subscription Offer

This strategy is widely used to attract a large number of new customers while also encouraging existing customers. By including a promotional code in the email, you can establish a relationship with the recipient, increase customer loyalty, and market to them in the future. When someone subscribes to your newsletter, you can send them a welcome email that says something like "Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! Take advantage of a 20 per cent discount code for your reservation!"

Code ideas:

  • HOWDY15
  • 10COMEIN


Promotion codes will become an increasingly important tool for hoteliers to generate more bookings for their establishments in the future. Customers are constantly on the lookout for a better deal, so make it easier for them by implementing one of these 10 digital marketing ideas for hotels that incorporate promo codes. 

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