5 Early Bird Promotion Ideas For Hoteliers

Sometimes, there are guests who are not ready to make room bookings. They do their search and click the book to see what the hotel's offer is. For example, what they can do in the city they are visiting. However, with early bird promotions, hoteliers can motivate guests to book their rooms early from your website. This article intends to give some early bird promotion ideas for hoteliers.


Special Discount

Who doesn't like discounts? A special discount is one kind of early bird incentive that you can use to get more direct bookings. Offering a 10% or 20% discount on a hotel room will push guests to book their room early. The act of giving a discount for a hotel room will motivate those reluctant guests to book their room immediately. Design your special discount in a way that creates curiosity for your guests so they will book a room with your hotel.


Free Room Upgrades

Another idea of early-bird promotion is by offering a free room upgrade. Guests will most likely book immediately from your hotel website if they discovered your free room upgrades features. Such features push guests to take immediate action to book their room with you. Be unique in making your offer more attractive. Make your free room upgrade very difficult for guests to resist. Couples, families, and group bookings are your target audiences who stand a high opportunity to love your offer and book with you immediately. 


Free Tour Guides

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If your audience is mainly tourists and your hotel is located in a tourist center, then at that point you can offer a free tour guides package. Take advantage of the strategic location of your hotel and use it to get tourist attention. Be alert with local tourist attractions and events around you. Tourists come to visit your place and they will most likely be happy if your hotel can come up with a free tour guide around the city.


Free Spa and Massage Sessions


Free spa and massage sessions will surely be beneficial to attract women travelers. Include this early bird promotion especially during special days such as Women’s Day or Mother’s Day to increase your room bookings.

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Free Adventure Package

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Another hotel early bird promotion idea is by offering free adventure packages to your guests. By doing so, your hotel can attract more group bookings and can get the attention of young people who certainly love adventure. They will surely be interested in your free adventure package.

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To Conclude

Always remember to identify your target market and understand your guest’s segmentation before offering any early bird promotions to your guests. This is to ensure that you are offering your promotion to the right type of guests. Your early-bird promotion ideas should depend on your target market and the type of audience your hotel attracts.

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