Hotel Upselling Strategies Every Hotelier Should Know

Maintaining hotel sales is a challenging task and the daily competition among hoteliers has even made it more difficult. Notwithstanding those challenges, using the right strategy will make it easier to sell hotel products and services.




When we talk about up-selling, we simply mean offering your guest extras which will make their stay even memorable; to encourage them to spend more, for example, a hotel can up-sell for a room upgrade. Some clients are willing to spend more on hotel product as far as it has value and will make their stay memorable. Below we are going to discuss some up-selling strategies in a hotel that every hotelier should know.

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Identify the Right Customers for Up-selling

Some guests are not the right fit for up-selling and you should not push these guests to spend more. But rather you should use your data to identify the customers who are the right fit for up-selling and cross-selling. A good rule to use is that, if you can’t identify how the additional product or services can benefit the guest overall, then he is not the right fit for up-selling. But when the product or services can benefit the guest overall and make their stay more memorable, then they are the right fit.


Include Targeted Up-sells and Cross-sells on Your Hotel Website


Before a guest comes to your hotel their journey usually begins from your website. So, it is a good idea to include your up-selling and cross-selling products and services on your website. When you do this, there is a probability that guests will see what they like and pay for it. Remember to place up-selling offers near your products or services that can be upgraded, products that can be customized, or products that can add similar value. Remember any hotel can do up-selling, not just a luxury hotel.

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Up-sell Throughout the Guest Cycle

Your up-selling strategy should not be only during arrival or only during the stay of your guest. But as a hotelier, you should up-sell to your guest throughout the guest cycle. You should start up-selling right from when the guest visits your website, to when they arrive in your hotel and also when they are checking out from your hotel. When you have already identified the right guest for up-selling, then you should up-sell to the guest throughout his stay.


Use the Right Hotel Technology

When it comes to up-selling, data is very important. It is through customer data that you can discover and target who the right guest for up-selling is. You need the right tools and the right technology to understand your guests and understand the up-selling products to offer them. You need to invest in a good property management system (PMS), booking system, and also customer relationship management (CRM). All these tools can make your up-selling easier.



In conclusion, you need to educate your property’s staff properly on the up-selling products you are offering. This is because it is your staff who will be up-selling these products and they need to understand the products very well. Try not to pressure your guest on buying your up-selling products, but rather know how to accept rejection and move on to the next guest.

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