Hotel Reservation Systems

We now live in a digital era where everything is available at our fingertips. Technology nowadays helps us very much to save our time and effort in their own fantastic way. When it comes to business world, technology simplifies business industry to reach the customers need in many ways such as communication, payment method, travel and etc.

For hotel industry, one of the most important things that we should take care of are the our guests satisfaction. So, what kind of system that hotel should have to exceed customers expectation?

Hotel Reservation Systems

A hotel reservation system is a technology that allows guest to make an online booking and to create secure online reservation via hotel website or any other distribution channels that hotels have.

It is also a platform where it keeps rooms inventory and rates as well as customer database. Hoteliers should not worry on how to manage them since the system being hosted in the clouds, hence they can manage them remotely in any day.

Offline vs Online hotel reservation systems

  • Offline – Manage the reservation offline and manually. Basically, you need to download or install the software and you are ready to go.
  • Online – Unlike offline, online reservation system allows guest to make an online reservation via official website and everything process by the system

How do hotel reservation system work?

This would be benefits for guest to reserve rooms at their convenience as they can see the price rate for the selected dates and to check for the rooms availability.

There will be the back-end system where it can receive all the data send by guest and can be accessed by the hoteliers or the in-charge person that responsible to manage the room bookings.

Main functions of hotel reservation systems & why is it important?

To ensure the hotel’s occupancy rate is in the good performance, hotel reservation system is required so that hotel won’t rely the booking coming through walk in customer or via phone call and email only. 

As hotel serves not only the customers from the same country, to ensure that hotel can sell rooms to capacity and appeal to global audiences, technology like hotel reservation system should be implemented.

On top of that, there are more reasons why hotel needs reservation system.

  • Reduce booking errors – as the rate and rooms availability can be easily updated through the system, it helps a lot in terms of hotel operations and reduce the risk of overbooking.

  • Improve guest experience – like everything at our fingertips, guest can easily reserve their preferred rooms through online platform and secure the booking with online payment portal. What they need to do before check in, just present the confirmation of the booking ticket at front desk counter.
  • Increase customer loyalty – as hotel have the customer database through hotel reservation system, hotel should fully utilize this kind of opportunity to engage back with the guest for customer loyalty program.

Online Reservation System vs Central Reservation System

Online Reservation System where online booking take place for the reservation. Hoteliers can manage easily with simple clicks and guest could place the reservation with few simple clicks.

Central Reservation System same as online reservation system, it is a computerized system that stores room availability, price rate, customer database, payment processing as well as hotels information in one place. For hotel chains, having one central place to book a reservation is make sense.

What Softinn offers you?

If you are looking for the best hotel reservation system, you may consider to take a look of Softinn Solutions offer and how it benefits your hotel.

  • Direct Booking Engine
  • Accept Online Payment
  • As low as 4% commission for each of confirm booking
  • Promotion Code system
  • Self-service cancellation system
  • Easily install on Facebook page
  • Hotel website with Content Management System
    and MORE!

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