Things You Should Consider Selling in Your Hotel

There are a lot of competitions out there among hoteliers, coupled with the fact that most hotels have to depend on OTAs to fill up their rooms, therefore diminishing their profit. It is then normal for hoteliers to think about things they can upsell or cross-sell in their hotel to bring in more profit. 

There is a difference between cross-selling and upselling. When you cross-sell, you are selling a product or service that will complement the one that your guest already bought but when you upsell, you are selling a higher or better version of the product or service that your guest already bought.

Here are the common things that you can upsell at your establishment. 


Food and Beverage 

Always encourage your guests to buy your beverages and meals. Some guests always want to celebrate their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. As a hotelier, you should seize this opportunity to sell the packages you have to your guests.

Always make sure your guests have an amazing experience with your offer so that they can recommend their friends to your hotel.

Spa/ Massage Services

Some guests travel on a long flight before they arrive at your hotel. Use this opportunity to offer your guests your spa and massage services, if you have any. Tired guests are likely to purchase these services because they are most probably exhausted and would like to relax.

You can also offer discounted couple packages or group packages,  it will increase your chance to close a deal.

Transportation Services

Some guests are coming to your city for the first time. Some come because they need to attend an important meeting or conference. Especially for business travelers, they surely would not want to miss their appointment because they are not familiar with the route.

This is the opportunity you have to offer your transportation services like airport pickup, tour guide, etc. Offering to pick up your guests from the airport or the bus station can create an amazing experience for your guest while putting more money in your pocket.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your own transportation. You may also partner with a local transportation company to provide this kind of offer to your guests.

Merchandise/ Souvenirs

You might be surprised to know that some guests will splurge on hotel merchandise! Some of your guests may be interested in buying some souvenirs for their friends from your city. This could be a T-shirt showing the city they visited etc.

Use this opportunity to offer merchandise and souvenirs to your guests and tell them how important it is to buy something that they can use to remember their travel or the city they visited.

Activities/ Attractions 

Some guests may not need help in this area because they already planned what they wanted to do weeks before they even embarked on their trip. But not everyone plans ahead.

You can offer tour packages to your guest and convey them around in your city to see the attraction sites etc. Anytime a guest asks you what he or she can do or attraction site to visit, it is an indication that he or she is your potential customer.

In conclusion, even though upselling and cross-selling result in more profit but it is not the only benefit. Another benefit is that it will increase your guest satisfaction simply because you are selling them the product or service that will make their stay in your hotel more memorable.

Therefore, it is encouraging for every hotelier to adopt these techniques of selling and find out what his or her guests would be interested in buying.

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