Importance of Property Management System (PMS)

The importance of a property management system for hotels can’t be over-emphasized. A good property management system will lift a heavy load from your front desk staff and create a happy guest experience.

In this digital age, it is a must to have a good property management system. If you're unsure whether you should invest in a PMS, let's delve into the importance of a property management system for your hotel. Hopefully, upon reading this article you will have an idea of PMS is something that you should consider getting to grow your hotel business.

1. No Double Booking

The integration between a hotel PMS and a channel manager system is an unquestionable requirement every hotel should have. Channel Manager is able to channel and update room allotment over all the associated OTAs / sales channels. Bookings on OTAs would likewise get right away refreshed on the PMS. It helps in managing overbooking and double-booking issues.

2. Easy Check-In And Check-Out Process

When the checking in and checking out process in your hotel is easy, it will create a pleasant experience for your hotel guest and also make your staff tasks easier and faster. Making your guests wait for a long time before they are checked in or checked out will result in an unpleasant experience and may even discourage them from visiting your hotel again in the future.

3. Easy to Manage Housekeeping

The housekeeping functionality handles all the house cleaning assignments already pre-allocated in the system. It helps the front desk to keep track of the hotel room that needs cleaning and the labour required to clean the hotel guest rooms by the housekeeper. It also keeps track of the room supply’s and toiletries that hotel guest needs on a daily basis.

4. Lesser Paper Work & More Automated

Having a PMS means lesser paperwork for your hotel staff and it is more automated. A good PMS will do most of the work for you and free your staff time to focus on more important things that will increase the pleasant experience of your guest. With the latest innovation in technology, most hotel tasks are automated by PMS, therefore, eliminating the use of paper.

5. Hotel Database & Report

For every business customer data is important. This includes the hotel business. Having a hotel PMS will enable the hotel to keep a record of all their guests in their customer database. This helps the hotel to make good decisions that will increase their revenue. PMS usually comes with other reporting databases as well, which include payment databases, invoice databases, tax databases, and more. These databases help to make the life of the hotel staff easier by keeping records that are useful for the hotel.


In conclusion, as a hotelier, the PMS you decide to use should be able to handle your guest experience and journey right from the time they start searching for a room on your website to the period they decide to check out from your hotel.

The experience your guests has with your hotel and your staff will determine if they will return to your hotel. Therefore, implementing a good Hotel PMS that will give your guest a wonderful experience is paramount. Check out this link if you are looking for Hotel PMS providers in Malaysia. 

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