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If you haven't read our article about Hotel PMS, I highly recommend you to do so. From there, I believe you will be able to understand what PMS is all about and what are the important features that Hotel PMS should have. 

After you have understood everything about it, we believe that you are ready to start looking for PMS that is suitable for your hotel business. Do check on the 9 tips for you to choose a PMS that fits your hotel. This will be helpful for you before you decide on which PMS do you want to go for. I have also compiled the top 5 Hotel PMS Malaysia that is recommended for you to check and explore. Different Hotel PMS will give you different user-experience, different uniqueness, and of course different value. Below is the Hotel PMS available with the trial account. Feel free to register yours. 


Softinn is a hotel technology company based in Malaysia with the mission to make hotelier work easier. Softinn builds Cloud-based Hotel PMS to streamline the hotel business operations through digitization. Softinn does have all the important features that every PMS has includes an intuitive dashboard, housekeeping module, activity log report, more than a reporting, and many more. What does make Softinn different from other PMS are:

  • The PMS dashboard displays total cash on hand, easy for you to track the cash amount and tally back with the cash on the front desk drawer without clicking further on the PMS 
  • The friendliness of the guest folio allows you to easily send the folio in PDF to the guest's email with just one click
  • Mobile-friendly housekeeping system that allows housekeepers to access it via mobile. The notification will be sent to them if there is any cleaning task assign
  • A shift function that allows you to set up the shifts, manage staff that's on duty, on leave, and add OT staff
  • Integration with Channel Manager and Booking Engine 

and many more! Get a free trial account here and experience the friendliness yourself.


Ezee Hotel PMS is designed to suits the needs of various types of properties, either big, medium, or small businesses. Ezee offers two types of Hotel PMS which are on-premise and cloud-based. 

  • Ezee Frontdesk

    With Ezee Frontdesk, it allows the users to run the system offline like other on-premises PMS. Some of the key features that Ezee Frontdesk offers are easy check-in and check-out functions, travel agent management, guest history, ledger accounts, and more. 30 days a free trial account is available for you to explore. 
  • Ezee Absolute

    While Ezee Absolute is a cloud-based PMS that runs all the functions online. The system also includes a mobile app where you will be able to manage it via mobile anywhere with internet access. 14 days a free trial account if you want to give it a try. 


Cloudbeds is an independent hospitality software developer that provides Hotel PMS that's easy to learn and easy to use by the managers and staff.  With the user-friendly interface that they provide along with the automation, Cloudbeds aims the users to fully utilize the functions of PMS so the users will be able to focus on retaining customers and provide the best services to the guests. 

Some of the key features that Cloudbeds PMS have are:

  • Drag & drop calendar
  • Housekeeping module
  • Customized user role
  • Detailed reports and analytics

Interested to get more details on it? Quickly get yourself a trial account from here.


With the tagline "Making PMS Simple", IDB PMS provides an all-in-one cloud PMS platform that operates and distributes in a single enterprise platform. It is a web-based hotel management software designated for independent hotels, resorts, and also hotel group management which allows users to access it through any device.

Some of the key features that IDB PMS have are:

  • Housekeeping module with laundry and minibar posting
  • Group reservation functions 
  • Pick-up reports that include YTD, monthly, weekly, and daily pick
  • Room & rate availability check
  • Check-in print registration card
  • Integrated with IDB Channel Manager and Booking 

and many more! If you think IDB is one of the PMS that suits your need, you may directly contact their dedicated person.


Based in Malaysia, ABS is a Malaysia MSC status company that offers a cloud computing hotel front desk system. ABS also offers an easy-to-understand system and required fewer computer skills so it does help to reduce the training times and cost. 

Some of the highlight features that ABS offers are as follows:

  • Audit trail report
  • Manage blacklisted customer list 
  • Multi-level user security
  • Group reservation functions
  • In-house, today check-in and check out overview listing 

ABS does offer a demo account of their system, you may click here to apply and also visit their website to get more detailed information.


With the given above list, I hope that it will be helpful for you to choose the best PMS for your hotel operations that suit your need and will help in terms of increase the efficiency, reduce your hotel front desk hassles, bring your hotel to the next level of automation and at the same time bring more revenues. 

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