How to choose a PMS that fits your Hotel

The changed from 20th to 21st century had made an huge change in the business market, almost whole of the market had choose to be work automatically instead of manually. Factory, banks, cooperate office and many more, so do in hospitality industry.

Therefore, the emerge of program system had come to a beginning. Then, a Hotel Property Management System(PMS) exist. A PMS help hotelier to manage their property in automated form, without using pen & paper. 

We are here to give you some tips on how to choose a PMS that fits with your hotel.


Tips 1: Identify your necessary need

Before any investment in a business, you should always identify what is your needs and wants. This is also applicable to when you are going to invest on a system although it will bring benefit to your company.

To do this, you need to consider your various operations, processes, functions and distribution partners, as well as the desirable features for the software itself.

Once you have created a list of the different needs and the requirements for your property management system, you should also prior your needs. This can then serve as a list of priorities to search for when actually seeking out your PMS solution.


Tips 2: Invest within the budget

There are various Property Management System(PMS) in the market. They are all having the various feature, interface, service provide and definitely with various pricing.

For current market, there are only two types of pricing method being used.

1. Room Based Method

- Charge by number of room.

- Suitable for hotel that less than 15 rooms.

Example: $3.99 per rooms/month

2. Monthly Subscription Method

- Charge monthly with a Fixed price.

- Price may vary with different subscription period.

- Suitable for hotel more than 15 rooms and hotel chain.

Example: $38/month

Tips 3: Training & Support

Hotel business operate 24/7. It is highly recommend to get a vendor that provide 24-hours customer service as you will never know when your system will occur error and need technical help from your vendor.

Also, choose a vendor that provide a ongoing training to their user. This important when you are on fresh user period, it is also be useful when you come back with refresh. Ongoing training are useful especially when there are new feature added in your PMS. A vendor with video training are also a point to be chosen, as video training are better with illustration.


Tips 4: Basic Feature

If you are going to invest a PMS for your hotel, you may need to know some of the basic feature that must be include. It is important that these key feature to be include as it is the basic need and a reason for a hotelier that invest in PMS.

Below are some basic feature you have to include when investing PMS:

  • Should able to generate Night Audit Report & Invoices.
  • Should able to set Housekeeping & Maintenance status.
  • Should able to make new reservation.
  • Should able to perform check in & out process.
  • Should able to record guest detail and transaction.

Tips 5: Report & Analytics

Not all hotel fully utilize their PMS feature. Most of them only use to make reservation, check in & out guests and for housekeeping. A good PMS allow you to generate various reports such, revenue report, night audit report and more. PMS also able to help with analysis. It can show you a graph or table for you.


Tips 6: Vendor Update Constantly

As the internet world are changing in an extremely fast form. Humans demands are more from one day to another. To avoid leave out of the bench, you should choose a vendor who do update and keeping add in new feature frequently to stand in the market.

Adding in new feature are not the only thing for you to be look in. Vendor should also update their system security to avoid getting from virus and hacking as PMS consist all the guest detail and your hotel's transaction.

Tips 7: Get A Trial Account

Most of the solution company provide free trial account for hotelier to get a try on their PMS. As a hotelier, you should not waste the chance to get a try with the PMS you interested in before you start your investment.

After getting your trial account, you must look at the interface and feature that you wish for. Choose the PMS that you feel comfort with. 85969601_s

Tips 8: Read User Review

This is important especially when you had made your mind on investing with which vendor. You have to know what the current & pass user talk about the vendor service. From reading user review, you can know how is the vendor customer support and how they provide solution when problem come.

You may visit to Capterra or Get App to read the review on the system you had found interest with.

Tips 9: Get a Cloud Based PMS

Refer to Tips 6 mention above, it is more recommend you to get a Cloud Based PMS. Since you were recommend to go for a vendor which are update frequently, it is more suitable to look for  vendor that provide cloud based PMS. One of the biggest benefit for cloud based PMS is that the vendor can perform update to their user directly. Maybe in just 20 minute, the system can be updated. Unlike on-premise PMS, when vendor release the updated version, user have to download the update pack and install into their device.

Another point is that cloud based PMS are more accessible convenience as you will just need a device with active internet connection will do. Additionally, cloud based PMS support unlimited user while on-premise PMS only support the user of a particular device. 


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