Is Night Auditor a must in hotel business?

An auditor is the one who inspects on company's financial statement and cash flow. But for the hotel business, there is a unique position of auditor which is the Night Auditor.


What is Night Auditor?

Night auditors carry out a process that they review financial activities during the night of the day. They will take over the shift from the noon shift and started from the late evening. Back in the past, night auditors did their job using a manual way. it can take up a few hours to complete the night audit process while the front desk is not allowed to check-in guests during that period. Now, with the modern PMS system they can do their job efficiently.

Daily Activities of a Night Auditor

What night auditor do :

  • Posting accommodation and tax charge
  • Accumulating guest service charges and payments
  • Settling financial activities of various departments
  • Check pending arrivals & departures guest
  • Running the trial balance for the day
  • Preparing the night audit report

How Night Auditor benefit your Hotel?

The main aim for night audit is not only to review hotel daily financial activity. Night audit also acts as a function that tracks the credit limits of guests, tallies project, and the actual sales from a different department.

Night audit act an important role in hotel business operation. The reports generated by the night auditor are being a reference for the hotel management to plan for the future goals and budget. Managers can react immediately to the acquired information.

Responsibilities as a Night Auditor

Besides the general activities that carry out by night auditor at night, below are also some responsibilities as a night auditor:

  • Checking in or checking out the guests after 11:00 pm at night.
  • Registering the guests.
  • Allocating accommodations to the newly checked-in guests.
  • Verifying guest folios.
  • Verifying room status report.
  • Preparing lists of expected guest arrivals for the next day.
  • Closing financial activities for a day.
  • Starting financial activities for the next day.

Automatic Night Audit?

Night auditors will be only using an old way which is the manual method to carry out the night audit back in the old days. All of the night auditors only will be using a pen and paper with reference on their excel file or even check-in & out form that had been fill throughout the day.

In today's modern 21st century, technology is in a development mode with an extreme speed. The old method that had been implemented is being replaced by the system.

How does the system work?

The system helps night auditors to ease their job and reduce their workload with its user-friendly design and interface with just a few clicks from the user in the system.

The system is able to:

  • Generated guest folios automatically.
  • Add in charges for extra services used.
  • It’s easy to list out different reservation type and assign for user action.
  • Rectifies the addition of extra charges that may happen due to manual errors.
  • Able to get instant access and summaries transactions of the day.
  • Night audit reports that critical for your business.

In addition, the system not only acts as a night audit system, but it also functions to:

  1. Room status.
  2. Departure / Arrival / In-House guest.
  3. Generate invoice for both guest and owner.
  4. Room assign.
  5. Make a new reservation.
  6. Calendar.

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