Cloud Based Hotel Front Office System

The hotel front office act as an important role in the hotel business as the front office is the one that represents the hotel directly to the public is because they are the ones who served guests the most. They are the first expression to guests of a hotel and also the image of a hotel. They are responsible to do report, record and make reservations.


Necessary Skill Acquired as Hotel Front Office

As mention, only well-trained front office staff are able to handle the daily heavy workload. Therefore, here are some necessary skill is required to become a hotel front office staff:

  • Neat appearance.
  • Problem-solving skill.
  • Able to perform multitasking.
  • Able to speak multiple languages.
  • Able to work with a flexible schedule.
  • Able to stay calm when under pressure.

Responsibility & Duties of Hotel Front Office

The responsibility and duties of a hotel front office are highly related to customer satisfaction and important to the whole hotel process. Hotel front office staff must be in well-trained condition only they can handle the heavy workload as front office staff.

Below are the responsibility and duties as a hotel front office staff:

  • Ensure room status.
  • Manage phone calls.
  • Manage walk-in traffic.
  • Register and assign a room to the guest.
  • Generate a daily report (Auto Night Audit)
  • Collect payment from guests upon check-in.
  • Ensure the cash amount was correct with the account on every shift change.

The above can be carried out by using Microsoft Excel or paper and pen manually. It will make the staff perform duplicate work and reduce their cost-effectiveness. With Hotel Front Office System, it can help to solve these problems with just a couple of clicks.




Hotel Front Office System

The hotel front office system also knows as the Property Management System (PMS). There are two different types of Hotel Front Office System which are On-premise and Cloud Based.

Property management systems — both cloud-based and on-premise — are designed to automate a property’s operational processes, from front desk to back office, for greater efficiency. Modern PMS functions as a property’s center of command for managing not only reservations, rates, rooms, and guest billing, but also distribution, guest communications, and service, housekeeping, accounting, and reporting. In fact, the core functionality of a modern on-premise system and a cloud-based one is by and large the same.

On-Premise PMS VS Cloud-Based PMS

On-premise vs Cloud Based. Each of the types is having different pros and cons, pricing, feature, and accessibility. Now, let's go deep into it.



On-Premise PMS

On-premise PMS is a software where you need to download the system, install and run it on your laptop or desktop. Today, we will let you know the pros and cons of using an on-premise PMS with your hotel.

Pros of On-Premise PMS

  • Internet free : On-premise PMS is not dependent on the internet.
  • More secure : Due to it's stored locally, it cannot be accessed by anyone outside hotel premises which safeguards your data from possible misuse or hack.
  • Faster than clouds because they access data stored locally.

Cons of On-premise PMS

  • No flexible accessibility. It is installed in devices, one device one account only. 
  • Cannot be accessed outside hotel premises and over the internet.
  • High pricing compares to cloud PMS. On-premise PMS required users to pay a one-year subscription fee at one time. Will be a huge investment if the system is not suitable for the hotels.
  • A system crash can cost you important data. Fix - Take regular backups and store them on multiple devices and/or on dropbox/google drive that can be used to restore data in case of a system crash.
  • No regular auto-update as new software updates need to be download and installed on the system.

Cloud-Based PMS

Cloud-based is meaning to be software that need not download but having an internet connection and browser will do. One of the benefits of using a cloud-based system is that they can provide the unlimited user at one time using.

Pros of Cloud PMS

  • Minimum Capital Investment: Most cloud solutions are pay as you go.
  • Minimum Software and Hardware Requirements: All it requires is a stable internet connection and a PC.
  • Ease of Access: This can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Frequent automatic updates: Updates in the software systems are regularly pushed by the service provider and no update installations need to be done on the system.

Cons of Cloud PMS

  • Need for a stable internet: Since it's a cloud/web-based solution, a stable internet connection is required for smooth working.
  • Security: This poses as a con too in cloud PMS. Since it can be accessed from anywhere, a disgruntled or fired employee who has access to it can modify/delete the data. Hence proper access to data should always be considered.

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