How Hotels Benefit From Hotel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As guests book their stay, book hotel tours and activities, and buy products offered by the hotel, the hotel gain insights into its customer data. As the number of data being collected by the hotel increases daily, hoteliers need to seek good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that will help them to manage these customer data. They also need a good CRM strategy that will enable them to analyze and put all these customer data to good use.

A good CRM strategy can help hotels to nurture a good relationship with their guests and this is important especially in the hotel industry where customer satisfaction is the main objective. Subsequently, we are going to discuss how hotels benefit from their hotel CRM.


Enhances The Customer Experience


CRM solutions enable hotels to store historical data. This data is usually organized and easily accessible by the hotel staff. Each time the hotel wants to enhance their guests’ experience, they usually refer to their customer data in the hotel CRM. When it comes to the hotel business, the guests’ experience and satisfaction are very important. This is because when a guest is not happy about his or her experience at your hotel, they will usually leave a negative review which may harm your hotel and affect your revenue. So, customer experience and satisfaction are very important and your hotel CRM will help you to achieve your goal when it comes to guest satisfaction.  

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Provides A Centralized Hub


Usually, a hotel CRM gathers guests’ data in a centralized place. This data can include guest’s financial data, conversation data, etc. With this centralized place, the hotel’s staff can segment guests as they want for easy assessment. Hotel sales representatives, hotel front desk, and hotel customer service representatives will need the guest’s data from the hotel CRM to do a perfect job.


Automate Communication

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A good CRM helps the hotel to automate some of their communications. These automated communications usually contribute to the good experience your guest will have in your hotel. Automate reminders send to guests on their bookings usually will leave a good impression on the guest because he or she knows that the hotel is well-prepared to receive him or her. Automated emails to your previous guests about the event they had attended before telling guests that you miss them. You can also automate a thank you message to your guests for staying at your hotel.


Grow Loyal Customers

A good CRM should be able to help hoteliers to grow their loyal customers. CRM data can help a hotel to understand their guests and make customer and staff communication more efficient. This CRM data not only help hotels land new guest, but it also helps hotels to retain its guests and grow their loyal customers. With CRM, sales reps already know which account and guest need extra attention and which business to focus on.


In conclusion, a good hotel CRM also helps to create personalized up-selling opportunities, optimize sales activities, customize and personalized pricing, and many more. As a hotelier, it is wise to invest in a good hotel CRM.

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