Hotels Should Implement These 5 Doable Social Media Strategies

The rapid rise of the social media has made it very useful for the hotel industry. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn provides wonderful opportunities for hoteliers.


Any hotelier who is not leveraging the offer that social media is able to provide is simply missing out on the opportunity to fill their hotel rooms and make more profit. Below we will list out some social media strategies that will be useful to hoteliers.


Optimise Your Social Media Pages

As a hotelier you need to make sure your social media pages are optimised. This means having all the necessary information about your hotel listed neatly on your social media. Your location, website URL, contact information and any other info you believe relevant for your guests.


Be sure to use your hotel logo as your profile picture. Upload high quality images of your hotel and its facilities on your social media pages. Also, you can verify your hotel Facebook page and get a grey check mark beside the name of your hotel through settings-general-page verification. (You can verify by a phone number or by a utility bill)


Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your social media audience is very important. This involves responding to their questions about your hotel and its facilities. You also need to reply to your audience comments and clarify their doubt when needed.


Also remember to reply to both positive and negatives reviews of your hotel in your social media. Apologize where necessary and promise to do better when replying to a negative review.


Take Advantage of Paid Advertising

Although many hoteliers love social media because of the ability to use it without any investment. Although this is true but these days the competition in the hotel industry has made it more difficult to archive the hotel objectives without involving paid advertising.


It is highly encouraged that hoteliers take advantage of paid advertising and advertise to specific demography of their choice. You can also boost your post on Facebook or Instagram to reach more audience.


Be Consistent

The best way to be consistent on social media is having a posting schedule. You can decide to be posting content twice or three times a week. Make sure you avoid the temptation of posting too much. Also avoid the scenario of going weeks without a post and then suddenly posting five times a day and expecting engagement from your audience.


Being consistent will encourage your audience to look out for your post and engage with it when they see it.


Set Goals and Objectives

One of the most important social media strategies is to set some goals and objectives. Your goal maybe to increase your social media page likes and followers. It can be to get direct bookings from your social media or get traffic to your website from your social media pages.


Setting goals will help your social media team to know what their task is and what they are working towards to archive.


In conclusion, it is important to understand that social media is no longer an option but rather a necessity should a hotelier be serious about filling his/her hotel room. Keep these strategies above in mind as it will help you to achieve your social media objectives.


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