Hotel Self Service Kiosk in Malaysia

Technology plays an important role in the hotel industry and has brought about many tools to make hotelier life easier. For example, hotel reservation system, property management system, channel manager and others that are used by hotels to manage their daily operations tasks and bookings. In recent years, more or more hotels are exploring the concept of a contactless check in system, hotel kiosk, which offers a completely automated replacement of standard check-in & out procedure.

There are a number of hotels in Malaysia that have started to make use of kiosk systems. A noteworthy example would be Resorts World Genting, who have been utilising self service kiosks for quite some time now. With a hotel self service kiosk, guests will be able to experience the convenience of not having to queue in line at the counter in order to get a room key.
This is especially useful foreign guests from different countries who do not speak the local language, as the kiosk system can support multiple languages removing barriers in communication between guests and the hotel. The kiosk system also allows hotels to upsell additional amenities to guests.

Here we have compiled a list of vendors here in Malaysia that provide hotel kiosk systems.

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Hotel Direct Booking

What is Hotel reservation system

An online hotel reservation system is a must have for hotels these days. A Hotel reservation system is a software that enables hotel guests to book directly from a hotel's official website and make online payment for their booking. The system will create reservations and send booking confirmation via email to guests. It is also known as a direct booking system in which hotels collect their guest booking on their own without going through OTA platforms such as Agoda,, Expedia and so on. 

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What Hotel PMS is All About?

Every industry is currently looking to technology to make it faster and easier. This is especially applicable in the hospitality industry, where using a hotel management system will help the hotel save cost and time while also reducing cases of overbooking and human error. Property management system (PMS) is widely used to help hotels to manage their daily operations. A PMS may also be customized or might offer integration to other solutions and features specific to a specific hotel.

Finding a PMS that is a good fit for your hotel could prove to be a real challenge. But before accepting such a challenge it is important to first know what exactly is PMS and what to expect from a PMS.

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Hotel Website: The Top 5 "NO" That Might Turn Your Guests Away

Hotel websites play an important role in representing your brand and also help to increase your ROI by collecting direct bookings. A good hotel website design is the key to turn your target audience from window shopping to a real paid customer that booked a stay at your hotel. If your website is not exciting for them, they will immediately click on the exit button on their browser and go to search for the next hotel.

Let’s discuss what is the Top 5 “NO” to avoid on your hotel website design that might turn your guests away. 

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6 Reasons To Choose Softinn Booking Engine

Most of the hotels received their bookings from OTAs, but a smart hotelier chose a direct booking strategy which can help to attract potential customers to book through hotel websites and build strong customer relationships. With a good hotel website, you will need to have a smart booking engine installed on your website, which may lead your guest to check out immediately while browsing through your website without going to OTA to book it there, and also help to reduce your paid commission to OTAs and lastly drive in direct booking sales.

Here are the Top 6 Reasons why you should choose Softinn Booking Engine:-

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Top 3 Useful Copy Writing Formula For Your Social Media

The majority of most companies, uses social media platform as one of their marketing tool to promote their product and services. Why do they choose to use that? Easy and simple - because it is used by more than billions of people in this world. To be able to write a good content is a way of conveying messages to your readers and audiences a story that can take them deep into your content and have an immediately drives of engagement. 

But, not sure where to start?
How to write a good and persuasive content within the characters limit? 

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The Blog Ideas For Your Hotel

Hotel are planning to start to create a blog for your audience or future guests to more understand about your hotel. Unfortunately, you do not have idea or topic where actually to kick start the content. 

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Hotel Channel Manager In Malaysia

OTAs play an important role in the hotel industry and online booking nowadays. There are certain times where people love to make a booking through OTAs channel. In addition, research found that more than half of the bookings were made through OTA platforms. With this, hotels should not want to miss the opportunity by increasing their properties more visible online.

Did you know that you can distribute and sell your maximum room inventory to many OTAs without worrying about overbooking and disparity rate issues? Through a Channel Manager, hotels can monitor their real-time availability and rates across all OTAs, thus helping to adjust and update seamlessly across all the channels.

If you are looking for a Channel Manager for your hotel to make your job easier and at the same time want to increase hotel's ROI, let's consider this Top 5 Popular Channel Manager in Malaysia:

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Tips For Good Copy Writing for Your Content Marketing

Copy-writing practice is just like sports warm-up before they start running. It should reflect your company values and give the imagination to your potential guests and move them one step closer to the action wanted which is booking. 

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