The Blog Ideas For Your Hotel

Hotel are planning to start to create a blog for your audience or future guests to more understand about your hotel. Unfortunately, you do not have idea or topic where actually to kick start the content. 

Here we help you to kick start it easily by providing you a few popular hotel blog ideas that may immediately attractive to your target audience and convert them from "lookers into bookers". 

  • Create a Facebook Live Video Tour to show your hotel features


Attention is the main objective for every marketing campaign and video is one of the best way to capture your hotel features to share to your potential guests. Well, facebook is now rewarding businesses who create videos by showcasing their creation to more of their potential guest than they do with a regular text message.Use this opportunity to broadcast a Facebook Live video which takes guests on an insider tour of your hotel. Once the Facebook Live is done, keep it on your Facebook page or even re-post it on your Facebook page to those who have missed your live video and they can re-watch it. 


  • Behind the scene of your hotel


Your guest will always want to know the behind of scene of your hotel, a sneak peek of it for your new facilities, new building or new renovation. Throughout hotel's life time, improve and renovation of hotels will be necessary. The renovation construction might bring certain inconvenience or frustrate to your regular guests but the negative feelings can be minimised by helping them to understand the process. Therefore, do this to share the behind of scene to your hotel's blog reader to understand what it is coming example: making your hotel's restaurant or room more modern or upgrading the swimming pool for your potential visitors. 


  • Food and recipes post

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Food is a way which can help us bring home travel experiences. It can also create excitement for the guest's upcoming vacations. Let your potential customer to see how much your hotels respects the care and creativity that goes into the food you serve by creating a blog post around one of the unique creations of your chef. Also, giving your customer to have a insider look at the experience of your hotel and this blog post will immediately let your guests the impression that their stay with you is more permanent. 


  • Help to plan your guest's weekend

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Many of the guests plan to visit your hotels during the weekend, did you noticed many of them there for a honeymoon, some specific holiday celebration or a friend gathering. This concentration of interest is a good opportunity to create a blog post on the hotel which promotes the lives of these guests. Created a complete guide on the best places to eat, things to do and other tourist attractions and connect each item to the post 's theme.


Creating a hotel's blog is one of the best way to connect you with your potential guests and let them to understand you more. Therefore, before creating or planning for a blog content, remember that to focus more on the value that you can provide to the guests instead of keep pitching on your own hotel's features or services. You may do a research by have a look at what the competitors are doing on their blogs and plan to be different in a way that shows solving future guest problems. Keep your objective and goal clear. Link to an experience guests can enjoy at your hotel. Hence, while we are solving the guest's problem, we should also keep an eye to see how to convert these "lookers" into paying "bookers".


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