Top 3 Useful Copy Writing Formula For Your Social Media

The majority of most companies, uses social media platform as one of their marketing tool to promote their product and services. Why do they choose to use that? Easy and simple - because it is used by more than billions of people in this world. To be able to write a good content is a way of conveying messages to your readers and audiences a story that can take them deep into your content and have an immediately drives of engagement. 

But, not sure where to start?
How to write a good and persuasive content within the characters limit? 

Here we are here to share you, the 3's useful formulas that easier for you to kick start your social media content writing:-

  • The 3 WHY? 

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The 3 reason why that you need to plan and list down before you start with your writing, the 3 reason WHY includes of:-

  1. Why are you the best?
  2. Why should i choose you?
  3. Why should i buy right now

Trust me, this is the 3's why that the audience wants to know when they first heard of your product or services; answer the 3's why by telling them and prove them why they should choose you over the others. 


  •  The 1-2-3-4 Formula 

To be able to utilise the fours formula tool will give huge advantage in helping to create an opening story that will grab the attention of your audience. After telling your reader what they will got from you, the benefits that they will receive and is time to sell them by leading them to an action which inserting an effective CTA (call to action) at the end. 

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  1. What i have got for you
  2. What it is going to do for you
  3. Who am i?
  4. What you need to do next

  • Attention - Interest - Desire - Action (AIDA)

AIDA is one of the most common copywriting formulas that use by the marketers and content writers, which can be apply to ranges of the marketing copy such as advertising page, landing page and more. It also helps on writing a catchy social media headline.  

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(A) Attention: Grab the attention of audience's

(I) Interest: Share information that interest your target audience

(D) Desire: Describe the benefits of your products & services, and how it's beneficial to your audience by showing how it features work.

(A) Action: Request for the response, ask for the response and lead them to make a response by inserting a CTA 



Copywriting plays a crucial role in the social media platforms, with how you write, what the content that you plan to write, the message you conveying to your audience, and message that could drive the audience to an action. Everyone has their own style and formulation of writing, select the one that works best for you and your audience, and use that. Write a good content that, first is to understand well who your target audiences are and write it in the point of view of your target audiences, that lead them into your content and make them feel the content is beneficial to them and sooner or later, you will turns them into one the real customers. 





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