Tips For Good Copy Writing for Your Content Marketing

Copy-writing practice is just like sports warm-ups before they start running. It should reflect your company values and give imagination space for your potential guests and move them one step closer to the action wanted which is booking. 

Here are some of the copywriting tips to step up your content game and keep readers on your page:

1. Focus on the needs of your guests

Tips For Good Copy Writing for Your Content Marketing

When guests are browsing on your homepage, your content needs to be instantly connected with them and grab their attention

Many of the readers won't be engaged if you list down multiple lists of your features, but they will be engaged if you only focus on the amenities & attractions that they are most interested in. 

When you are targeting business travelers, you should be focused on what the majority of this group audience cares about, most about which is location & convenience in their business trip, by providing specific distances from the hotel to nearby airports and transports links.

2. Focus on the benefits, not your features

Tips For Good Copy Writing for Your Content Marketing

While writing or planning for your content writing, always remember that as guests, they get interested in benefits (what they can get from you) but not features.

Avoid explaining all of the great things you have, all the guests care about is how will these help improve their experience if they stay with you.

  • Feature to be promoted: 
    Kids’ water park.
  • The benefit that the guest will have: 
    Busy parents can take a cup of tea and put their feet up while their kids have a great time in the pool.
  • Example of how you should write: 
    “Kick back with an ice-cold drink from a poolside lounger while the kids splash around in our giant water park".

3. Keep your content clear

Tips For Good Copy Writing for Your Content Marketing

Use simple words to get your message across. Keep your sentences short and easy to digest.

4. Focus on your content's first paragraph

When it comes to content, if your first paragraph is not interesting enough for the readers in the first 3 seconds, most people will start skipping through.

When they start to do so, they stop reading, thus, you will have lower chances of converting your lookers into bookers.

5. Choose the right tone

After deciding what to say, now you need to work out on how to say it. The words you use on your hotel website have a real power that represents you.

They can create a specific mood and lead the reader to have an imagination space by putting a picture into their mind which can completely change how they feel about your property. 

6. Use a call to action

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Therefore, by now you have shared all about your amazing offer and you have provided them a bunch of reasons why accepting your offer is a great idea. Now, it is time to ask them to actually take action and make a purchase, so the call to action (CTA) comes in. 

CTA is a statement that tells the readers what action you want them to take. It might sound pushy but the most effective CTA's should be explicit and straightforward.  

Example: "Book Now", is more effective compared to "Would You like to book your room?"

Use your content copy to show all the reasons why they should take that action. When you have given the reader all the information they need to make a decision, use a CTA to seal and close the deal by getting them to take that action.


Great hotel copywriting helps you connect with your guests by tapping into their needs and preferences. It has the power to drive the imagination space of your property, differentiate you from the competition, and ultimately drive bookings.

By applying all these points, it will likely help to inspire and engage your target audience while increasing your direct bookings as a result.

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