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OTAs play an important role in the hotel industry and online booking nowadays. There are certain times where people love to make a booking through the OTAs channel. In addition, the research found that more than half of the bookings were made through OTA platforms. With this, hotels should not want to miss the opportunity by increasing their properties more visible online.

Did you know that you can distribute and sell your maximum room inventory to many OTAs without worrying about overbooking and disparity rate issues? Through a Channel Manager, hotels can monitor their real-time availability and rates across all OTAs, thus helping to adjust and update seamlessly across all the channels.

If you are looking for a Channel Manager for your hotel to make your job easier and at the same time want to increase the hotel's ROI, let's consider this Top 5 Popular Channel Manager in Malaysia:

1. SiteMinder Channel Manager 

SiteMinder Channel Manager provides you an increase of visibility online. Having said so, SiteMinder offers:
  • Connect to more than 300 + booking platforms 
  • Spend less time managing your rates plan and inventory 
  • Ensure taking control of the rate parity, and be the owner to control of your commission
  • Check your room distribution, rate parity, and restrictions across all your integrated platforms
  • Mobile-friendly interface

SiteMinder provides a 14 Day free trial to try out their channel manager system. You may apply it from HERE. 

2. Staah Channel Manager 

Staah Channel Manager allowed to connect to more than 200 OTAs or other booking distribution channels and also offers:
  • Change rate & availability, allow instant updates at any time
  • 200+ Connections to the online travel agency (OTAs)
  • Insightful analytics will help determine rates, stop sell limits
  • Accessible on the go with 24x7 support in your fingers
  • Link it into your PMS forming a seamless connection that can manage and update all of your distribution channels
  • Manage your multi-listing vacation rentals with one login and view in a single dashboard
    Easy to use, mobile-friendly

Staah provides a free live demo to explore their channel manager. You may apply it from HERE. 

3. Softinn Channel Manager

A system to be integrated with Softinn PMS to sync your hotel room allotment and price to your OTA platforms such as, Agoda, etc, and other more OTA platforms.

  • Integration with Softinn PMS (Single Login) 
  • Avoid overbooking, Overcome underbooking
  • Update and Edit with Softinn PMS
  • Simplify your distribution with channel mapping
  • View all your rooms’ rate plan and allotment on one page
  • Cloud-based, Mobile-friendly
  • Lowest rate in the market with powerful features

Softinn provides a 30 Days free trial for you to explore their Channel Manager. Not only that, but they also provide a 50% discount for a very limited time and based on first come first serve. Apply HERE

4. eZee Centrix

eZee’s Channel Manager connects your property and multiples booking distribution channels to increase your online reach for more bookings. 

  • Inventories and prices change in seconds
  • Get real-time performance insight about your property on various platforms
  • Selling your rooms with the best possible rates
  • Without going to different platforms to get the OTA vouchers
  • Mobile app support and mobile-friendly user interface
  • Easily handle OTA promos and notifications 

eZee provides a 14 Days free trial for you to explore their Channel Manager. Apply HERE. 

5. D-edge Channel Manager 

D-edge’s Channel Manager is recognized by the hotel professionals as the most powerful and integrated system on the market. Your best partners and tools to maximize your online distribution.

  • Manage the rates & availabilities on more than 300 hotel booking distribution channels
  • Real-time updates and manage availabilities
  • Easily create your own rules set to automate planning management
  • Connected to the PMS and information is auto-updated in the PMS
  • Manage multiple platforms to adjust the price in just one click

You may contact D-edge to understand more about their Channel Manager via HERE. 


A Channel Manager allows the hoteliers to automatically update multiple online booking distribution channels every time there is a change in the room availability, allotment, and price.

All the updates are made in real-time, and the channel manager provides a centralized way of managing all of your booking distribution channels by saving you a lot of time and no more manual, human data entry mistakes where there is no longer a need for your hotel staff to update available rooms manually. It will help hotels to reduce their cost of hiring more employees as well as increasing the bookings at the same time. 

While considering any of the Channel Manager that we listed above, explore also tips in choosing the right Channel Manager for your hotels. 

Hotel OTA Commission Calculator-1

Click start to begins the calculation. Enjoy 30 days FREE Trial account of Softinn PMS and Channel Manager by downloading your OTA Commission full report. 



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