Hotel Channel Manager

Manage all your OTAs in a single platform.

✔️Eliminate the risk of overbooking

✔️Improve your hotel's online presence

✔️Integration with Softinn PMS

✔️Increase revenue by selling at maximum inventory

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Softinn Channel Manager 

Sync your hotel room allotment and price to all your OTA platforms

Softinn Channel Manager is a System to be integrated with Softinn PMS to sync your hotel room allotment and price to your OTA platforms such as:, Agoda etc.


Hotel Channel Manager

Why Softinn Channel Manager?

What's Special about it? 

Softinn Channel Manager is easily Integrated with Softinn PMS.

Integrating your hotel PMS with Channel Manager lets you manage your daily hotel operations and room distribution across all the OTAs and other sales channels.

You’re able to save time and reduce errors with auto OTA reservations import. Reduce the hassle faced by the front desk through automation.

  • Eliminate the risk of overbooking
  • Improve your hotel’s online presence
  • Increase revenue by selling at the maximum inventory
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Softinn Channel Manager Features 

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Some of our Features:

✔️ Eliminate overbooking. Avoid human error by reducing manual input

✔️ Real-time inventory update

✔️ Control your own room rate and make data-driven decisions

✔️ Optimize hotel online visibility

✔️ Integration with Softinn PMS

✔️ Connect to more than 40 OTAs