Hotel Channel Manager

Sync your room allotment and rates to OTAs.


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What are the Benefits?

Eliminate overbooking

Avoid human error by reducing manual input. No overbooking and
double booking. Manage the rooms better without wasting time
and effort.

Real-time inventory update

There's no need to distribute and reserve the room inventory for
each OTAs to sell. All available room will be automatically synced
and updated to all OTAs.

Connect to more than 40 OTAs

Our Channel Manager provides you more than 40 OTAs connectivity easily. Export your availability and room rates to all OTAs in a minute
and increase your hotel visibility.

Rates management at one place

Manage multiple OTAs without needing to log in separately. Save
time and less manual work. Let the system do the jobs for you.


   How Does it Work?


Grow your bookings with our Channel Manager

Reach to a global audience with more than 60 connected OTAs like & Agoda.
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