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When websites were first designed and developed, they were pretty much built to be navigated on a desktop or computer. In this digital age, most browsing activities are done via smaller devices especially smartphones. Thus, websites need to be mobile responsive to make it easy for users to navigate. 

The growing of technology makes the definition of mobile friendly changed especially when it comes to website design and development. To better understand, mobile friendly website means that the website performs well on a mobile device like phone or tablet. 

What does mobile friendly website really mean? 

1. Responsive Design

A responsive design website is where you can see how responsive the website looks on different type of mobile devices including IOS, Android, tablet and more.

In other words, no matter what size screen the visitor is viewing your website, the text, navigation, design and images are performing well and readily adapt. 

2. Separate Mobile Site

Separate mobile site is also known as m dot site. A separate website can be built by developers and it doesn't need to look like the main site. Example:
Mobile site:
Non-mobile site:

3. Clickability

Mobile friendly website should also focus on the ability to click like drop down button and menu. Like how it works on desktop and computer, it should be easy to click on a mobile device as well. 

Either business or leisure travelers, each of them should have at least one smartphone nowadays. We believe that mobile phone leads them to make a faster decision when they are searching for the accommodations.

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If you are not sure whether your hotel website is mobile friendly or not, you can actually run a test by using tools that you can find on the Internet or you may check out our blog here: How to test if your hotel website is mobile friendly. 


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