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What does a hotel require to thrive in a competitive market? I would recommend at least two requirements: build your online presence that streamlines the reservation process and provide excellent customer service so that visitors who return to your area will choose your hotel again. Automating daily operations is an important factor in achieving customer satisfaction because it allows for consistent and high-quality service.

Every operation in a hotel must be tracked as it contains a complex system that encompasses the activities of many departments. Therefore, Hoteliers can use PMS to handle administrative tasks, thereby increasing hotel occupancy, and revenue as well as enhancing customer service.

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What is a PMS Software?

A PMS can be referred to as software used by hotel chains or small hotels and any other type of property to manage front-office duties such as reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, rate management, and invoicing. It enables hotel staff to access, update, and track all relevant information pertaining to day-to-day operations across all departments and even across multiple property locations.


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The important role of PMS post-pandemic

  1. Provide mobile check-ins and check-outs

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, technologies and contactless services are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional. With the help of PMS, guests can perform pre-arrival web check-in using their mobile devices. Besides, guests also can do a self-check-in and out through a kiosk in the hotel lobby, or a smart tablet, according to their preference. Therefore, when it comes to connecting with guests, hoteliers are no longer restricted to the front desk. It is also the most important aspect of keeping a safe distance between hotel guests and personnel.

  2. Offer contactless payment

    Furthermore, paper bills and coins are possible to spread Coronavirus transmission. As a result, no-cash payment through smartphones is the quickest and most convenient way to make purchases, and it is becoming increasingly popular around the world. In fact, getting a PMS that is with the ability to request online payment from hotel guests would be helpful and safer for both the hotelier and the guests.

  3. Housekeeping - hygiene and cleaning

    Cleaning and sanitizing should be done on a regular basis to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Your guests must be certain that your hotel complies with industry standards for hygiene and cleanliness in order to feel safe. Using the PMS that is with the housekeeping module could help you to manage and automate the housekeeping task efficiently. For instance, the system will assist in determining whether certain rooms need to be cleaned or completely tidied up in preparation for the next arriving visitor, as well as assigning employees to clean specific rooms. When the task is finished, you can update room statuses, which will make check-ins much easier.

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The Future of PMS

I believe that cloud Hotel PMS solutions will continue to evolve over the next few years. In fact, a hotel will need APIs integration with third-party tech applications and solutions to operate and meet the basic demands and wishes of today's digitally-savvy tourists, enhanced mobility, putting low costs, efficiencies, improved productivity, and data security aside.

With the open API platform, PMS providers can offer customizable systems, which also help hoteliers enhance guest retention through mobile and contactless guest experiences, mobile locks, issue resolution apps, guest messaging, virtual concierge, IoT devices, and other crucial tools in the hospitality marketplace. Therefore, a mobile-first PMS, open travel APIs and vendor collaboration will pave the way for a more innovative hotel PMS future. 


In this technology era, adopting a PMS is a reliable approach to remaining on top of the game and managing where and how you operate your property efficiently. In fact, your PMS should do more than just manage your property. It should keep your property ahead of industry trends, increase revenue, and exceed guest expectations.

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