How Hotels Can Implement a Contactless Guest Experience

How Hotels Can Implement a Contactless Guest Experience?

These days contactless is the way to go and is practiced by many services in multiple fields, especially the food industry. Hotels too can implement a contactless guest experience. The popularity of contactless services can be attributed to the recent pandemic, with the intention of reducing human contact as much as possible. Here are a few ways that hotels can or are implementing a contactless guest experience.

Self Service Kiosk System

Hotels can implement self check-in and check-out by installing self-service kiosks. This will mean that staff does not come in close contact with guests thus protecting them from being infected or transmitting the disease. This is important as front desk staff could potentially meet hundreds of people in a single day.

Under normal circumstances, a hotel kiosk system benefits the more introverted guests who prefer to check-in by themselves or guests who have trouble communicating due to disabilities or simply because they do not speak the local language.

Some hotels implement a kiosk system in tandem with the traditional front desk, this allows guests to choose which form of check-in they desire and reduces the workload of the front desk during peak times.

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Mobile Apps

With the ever increasing adoption of mobile phones, more and more industries are focusing their efforts on mobile allowing mobile users to transact directly on their mobile. Hotels too are no exception to this trend Checking-in via mobile app will allow guests to check-in on the way to the hotel, skip the queue and head straight to their rooms, which is ideal in these times where social distancing is highly encouraged. Having a mobile app also allows hotels to implement loyalty programs and reward their loyal customers with vouchers, lucky draw opportunities, free stays, complimentary drinks, etc.

QR codes

The majority of people are now familiar with QR codes and have the means to use them as QR codes have become a common way for contact tracing to be implemented. QR codes can be used to access check-in forms, make payments and access services. QR codes are also used in place of physical menus This can be paired with the aforementioned mobile apps by including a QR scanner inside the app or have the app generate a QR code. A good example of this implementation is Resorts World Genting with their digital key feature.

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Vending Machines

While room service is a part of the hotel experience, vending machines are an alternative worth looking into for a truly contactless experience throughout a guest's stay. Vending machines can be used to sell snacks and drinks for guests that enjoy a late night snack, saving them a trip to the convenience store. Instead of completely replacing room service, vending machines may be used to sell essential products not included with the room such as face masks, hand sanitizers and baby wipes. This will not only allow guests to keep clean but also bring additional revenue to the hotel.

Robots are not as common as the other products and solutions mentioned in this article and server robots usually still require monitoring so they may not be a practical option at this point in time. However, there are smart hotels that use robots as receptionists, concierges and bellboys. A famous example of robot staff in hotels would be the hotels by the Henn-na hotel group in Japan.

Cashless Payment

Cashless payment is catching on nowadays and different types of e-wallets and online payment methods are being accepted by places everywhere. This is often the first step towards a contactless guest experience as it's not too hard to implement and is already widely in use. Cashless payment also means not using banknotes that could be covered in bacteria and other contaminants which is a huge plus.

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In short, there are many ways and various degrees that a hotel can implement a contactless experience for guests. With all the advantages of going contactless, hotels that can afford it should consider its implementation, especially for times like now during this pandemic where reducing human contact could potentially save lives. Reach us for an effective way to implement contactless guest experience.

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