Why Online Payment Solution for Hotel is Important

Imagine you’re a hotel guest that is on a hotel website looking to book a room. When you come to their booking page, you realize that you need to key in a lot of your details to make a booking. Even worse, when you click to send a booking, you are not directed to the payment page! 

Although we’d like to think that the above scenario is unlikely to happen, you’d be surprised that there are still many hotels that do not adopt an online payment solution. Oftentimes, the guests will not proceed to make a booking if there is no option to make payment online because for them, the hotel lacks credibility. Here we discuss some of the importance of integrating an online payment solution in your hotel website.


1) Increase in Sales

When you implement an online payment solution for your hotel you can accept payment from different channels at the same time, therefore increasing your room sales. Not just that, you can also provide different payment methods for your guests. It can be online banking, credit card, e-wallet payment, or PayPal. More payment methods equal more sales for you! 

2) Guests are willing to give credit/ debit card information online

Gone are the days when guests and online shoppers were scared to provide their payment details and their card information to online payment solutions. With the level of online security adopted by PMS providers and online payment gateways, guests are now confident to provide their card information online, therefore increasing online bookings for hoteliers.

3) Integration with the PMS

Online payment solution is usually integrated with Property Management System (PMS). This integration makes it easy for your hotel guests to pay immediately during the room selection of your hotel, therefore increasing your direct booking. This integration has made the room booking experience easy and faster. You can even define your payment methods offered in PMS

4) Seamless Payments

The experience a guest has when booking your hotel room will determine if he or she will visit your hotel again. One of the touchpoints in this experience usually occurs during the payment process. Guests prefer paying with their accustomed payment method and also with their own local currency. A good PMS with an online payment solution integration can handle guest payment seamlessly, therefore saving you time and giving your guests peace of mind.

5) It is more secure

Lastly and most importantly, online payment solution providers now take the extra mile to secure their payment gateways from attackers. These security measures being implemented by these online payment providers have made online bookings more secure and in return, have increased the confidence of travellers. With the increase in technology comes the risk of data theft. Therefore, it is important to integrate an online payment solution with maximum security.

In conclusion, any hotelier who is not integrating an online payment solution in this digital age is actually missing out on all the benefits that an online payment gateway has to offer. Online payment solutions also make it easy to upselling and cross-selling your hotel services and products to your guests generally making their stay more pleasant. The ability of your guests to pay in their own currency using any card at their disposal is one of the reasons why every hotelier needs to embrace online payment solutions.

Softinn Booking Engine accepts online payments and is trusted by more than 1,000 hoteliers and hotel owners.

  • Collect full payment before check-in
  • PCI compliant payment gateway
  • No additional payment gateway charges
  • No payment gateway installation fees
  • Fraud management
  • Protect your business from stolen credit card


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