Payment Gateways in Southeast Asia

Payment gateway is a service that processes online payments like credit/ debit cards, FPX Internet Online Banking, and eWallet, etc, for your businesses. The purpose of payment gateways, when incorporated with any e-commerce platform, is to enable customers to pay seamlessly for their online purchases using either credit or debit cards or via online banking.

The parties involved in this entire process are:

  1. The Buyer 
  2. The Merchant 
  3. The Payment Gateway
  4. The Bank

Payment Gateway -2

The process will be as following:

  1. The Buyer will select products/ services on the website/apps of the merchant.
  2. When the Buyer checks out, he/ she will be moved to Payment Gateway.
  3. The Payment Gateway will connect with their respective bank.
  4. After that, the Bank will transfer the transaction's status to Payment Gateway.
  5. Then, Payment Gateway will return the status of the transaction to the Merchant.
  6. Finally, the merchant shall notify the buyer of the status of the transaction.

What is Payment Channel?

Payment Channel facilitates the transaction with the help of Payment Gateway which is the tool that communicates the approval or decline of transactions between you and your customers.

Example: If we mentioned eGHL as the Payment Gateway then the Payment Channels that eGHL supports are credit card, debit card, online banking, e-wallet.


Payment Gateways for E-commerce in Southeast Asia

Payment Gateways in Southeast Asia

There are several payment gateways in Southeast Asia which provide the same services for merchants and customers. In terms of offering services such as online banking, card processing, and even offline payment, every payment gateway may look similar. But between them, there are many differences. To make them well known and exceptional in terms of results, they concentrate on what a company needs.

The Southeast Asia region consists of 11 countries. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, and the Philippines are the major countries that are expected to success in e-commerce. This is because, due to the growing number of internet and mobile phone users in their countries and other many factors, these seven countries have the potential to grow.


The Top Payment Gateways in Southeast Asia

Top Payment Gateways in Southeast Asia

As already stated, these seven countries are projected to be the best in the e-commerce industry. For a quick refresher, please refer to the comparison chart on our homepage. The top leading payment gateways in South East Asia are the ones listed below:








Payment Gateways in Southeast Asia are the secret to making the region's e-commerce the next pioneer in e-commerce worldwide. Even though all of these businesses have to compete with each other, but with a positive mindset to help, they continue to come out with successful growth that they can already demonstrate to the entire world.


Best Payment Gateway providers used by most Malaysian and Indonesian e-commerce businesses:

In Malaysia:

1. eGHL

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eGHL is a Malaysian payment gateway offering a secure online payment system covering both card and non-card payment platforms for online businesses across South East Asia.

  • eGHL offers lower credit/debit card transaction fees (2.5%–2.8%).
  • FPX payments (2.5%-2.8% or higher than RM0.70).
  • eGHL has One Time Setup Fee of either RM399 or RM599 depending on the plan you pick.

eGHL also offers AliPay and MCash with the following rates : 

  1. Alipay

    One time setup fee: RM300

    Transaction fee: 3% 

  2. MCash
  • No setup fee
  • Transaction fee: 0.5%
  • Payments are made weekly to your local bank account with no minimum amount requirement.

2. PayPal


PayPal is well known internationally as it’s widely used by both local and international sellers ALMOST ALL OVER THE WORLD, it’s one of the most flexible payment gateways in Malaysia that is both popular and easy to manage.

Customers can simply use their credit or debit cards while landing on PayPal's website during the checkout process by clicking on the link "Pay with a credit card."

PayPal Malaysia DOES NOT need any registration fee or annual fee to use its online credit card processing features, making it highly recommended for new startups to start accepting credit/ debit card payments from customers. Even customers DO NOT NEED to have a PayPal Malaysia account to make a payment on a website that is using PayPal as their payment gateway processor.

While PayPal is easy to set up and use, you still have to take note of the following:

  • The transaction fee is 3.9% + RM2 for credit/debit card online transactions for Malaysian customers.
  • Whereas for International customers buying from you will be charged at 4.4% + USD0.30 per transaction.

For setting up a PayPal Malaysia account to start accepting payment all you should do is the following:

  • Go to PayPal Malaysia and sign up for a business account.
  • Fill up your details and remember to link your PayPal account to your online store to start receiving online payments.

However, PayPal Malaysia does not offer FPX online banking. You’ll need to transfer the funds from your PayPal account to your local bank account yourself.


In Indonesia:

1. Doku


DOKU is the first online payment in Indonesia. It has a variety of payment methods such as credit/ debit cards, online banking, transfer, and an e-wallet called DOKU Wallet.

Doku has partnered with a variety of Indonesian business networks. Also to hit over 800 channels. Examples: UNICEF, South Pacific Branch, AirAsia, and Java Jazz Make.


2. Midtrans


Midtrans is a joint venture from the Japanese Payment Gateway called Veritrans Inc. Just like other payment gateways, Midtrans have payment methods such as credit card, debit, and transfer. For e-wallet service, Midtrans has partnered with other e-money like Mandiri e-cash and others.


3. Faspay


In 2018, Faspay announced that they have an official Bank Indonesia license. Via Virtual Accounts, Internet Banking, E-Money, and credit card, Faspay can connect e-commerce owners and customers who want to pay online.


Why secure and convenient payment gateways are important? 

Watch this YouTube video we have got for you below and get to know all the benefits of using a payment gateway, plus some savvy tips on how to choose the perfect provider for your hotel business. Trust us, you won't want to miss it!



As we mentioned earlier, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right payment gateway for your business, it all depends on your business needs. This means that if you are looking for something fast and ‘free’ without the hassle of paying setup and annual fees, PayPal Malaysia, Braintree Malaysia, iPay88’s SOHO Plan are suitable for you.

If you have tonnes of transactions to be made for both online and physical retail, then eGHL and MOLPay will be able to meet those needs.

If you are running a hotel business in Malaysia and not sure where to start for choosing the right payment gateway and booking engine, here's the Ultimate Guide to Hotel Payment Gateway e-book that might help you with the next step. Feel free to download it. Hope you find it useful!

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