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How to Optimize OTA to Improve Hotel Direct Booking?

In recent years, much focus has been put by hoteliers around the world in searching and implementing a direct booking strategy that works for their businesses. However, we know for decades, the hotel has been reliant on the help of the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) since the emergence of Expedia in 1996, thus, what have driven hotels to be seemingly steering in the opposite direction?

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Questions To Ask Before Deciding On A Malaysian Hotel Reservation Software

As a Malaysian hotelier, when deciding on which Hotel Reservation Software to use for your hotel, there are certain features to look out for in the software. Currently, hotel software providers are trying their best to integrate all the necessary features hoteliers need in their software.

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How to Decide On The Best Malaysian Hotel Reservation Software for Your Hotel

In basic terms, hotel reservation software is an application on hotel sites and social media pages that accept and process direct online bookings. With regards to hotel software, hotels frequently choose complicated software that doesn't satisfy their essential requirements.

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Booking Engine for Hotels

Hotel Booking Engines

A hotel booking engine is a system installed on a hotel website or other platforms like Facebook. Simply say, a booking engine should allow your rooms to be sold through:  

  • your own hotel website
  • other platforms you own like Facebook, Blogpost, etc

Throughout this article, you will get to know the main functions, the benefits of having own hotel booking engine, the guideline on how to do the comparison and what you should look into when you choose a booking engine for your hotel.  

The purpose of having a hotel booking engine is to allow guests to make a reservation at their convenience and to secure the booking through an online process. 

No matter what size of your hotel business, if you want to maintain your business and remain competitive, your hotel must not be operating without a hotel booking engine! 

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Hotel Booking Software

What is hotel booking software?

Hotel booking software is a software application where the guest is allowed to create bookings or make reservations online for themselves or on behalf of others. In this article, we summarized the main functions of hotel booking software and talk about other additional features that you should look into when you choose a booking engine for your hotel.

Hotel booking software is not specific to hotel websites only, in fact, it could be installed on other platforms too, such as Facebook and Blogspot.

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Hotel Reservation Systems

We now live in a digital era where everything is available at our fingertips. Technology nowadays helps us very much to save our time and effort in their fantastic way. When it comes to the business world, technology simplifies the business industry to reach the customer's need in many ways such as communication, payment method, travel and etc.

For the hotel industry, one of the most important things that we should take care of is our guest's satisfaction. So, what kind of system that a hotel should have to exceed customers' expectations?

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List of Hotel Booking Engines

Hotel Booking Engines

A hotel booking engine is a system where it is being installed on the hotel website or any social media like Facebook, and allow guest to make a reservation via online and secure the booking with payment.

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