Benefits Guest Will Gain From Increase Hotel Direct Booking

These days hoteliers are looking for ways to increase their direct booking. Direct booking from guests will actually increase the revenue of the hotel. No wonder hoteliers are doing everything to make sure they increase their direct bookings. They optimize their website, integrate a good booking engine on their website and social media. They also make sure that the booking engine design integrates seamlessly with the design of their website. They use clear call-to-action buttons and good landing pages. All these actions help in increasing hotel direct booking. But another important way of increasing hotel direct booking is to communicate the benefit of your hotel direct booking to your guests. 

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This should be one of the major benefits of direct bookings. You need to offer your guests a discount when they agree to book directly from you. This will encourage them to continue booking directly from you. The money you save from OTAs can actually be used to offer a discount to your guests. This can be a 10% discount or more. You can actually offer discounts on room rates, services like massage, spa, etc. Discounts can also be given on food and beverages from restaurants in the hotel. This discount will attract more guests to book directly from you. After all, who do not like discounts?

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Special Offers

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Another benefit that you can offer to your hotel direct booking guests is special offers. These special offers can be late checkout, room upgrades, free massage and spa session, free pool training session, etc. You need to be creative and find out what special offers that your guests may like. If you are not sure, you can ask them through survey feedback. Remember that different types of guests may prefer different special offers. What young people prefer may not be the same thing families and retirees prefer. Always have all your guests in mind when deciding on a special offer.



Another benefit a guest may be interested in is additional free facilities. These could be free internet Wi-Fi, free airport pickups, or free breakfast. These incentives can change the guests' minds to book directly from you. You need to be creative about these incentives also. Make sure you are offering what your guests will be interested in. You may offer multiple incentives and give your guests the option of choosing the one they prefer.


Loyalty Points

Loyalty programs are another benefit that you can offer your guests that will encourage them to book directly from you. These loyalty points can be used for future bookings. When guests know that they already have loyalty points which they can use for their next booking, it will encourage them to come back to you.

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Hotel Packages

You can also offer packages on your website which will convince your guests to book directly from you. These packages can be a valentine's day package, or book one free one package. 

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To Conclude:

All these benefits, when communicated to the guests properly, will encourage them to book directly from you. And, in return, it will increase your hotel direct booking.

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