Strategies to Increase Hotel Revenue

Pressure is on hoteliers in finding ways to retain their existing customers and even to attract more customers in order to increase their revenue. Most hotel managers and owners are always asking these:  

  • How do we increase our hotel revenue? 
  • Which action will attract more customers to our property? 

Subsequently, we are going to share some tips on how to increase hotel revenue.


Keep your Staff Happy

Your staff are your most important asset, when your staff are happy about their salary, bonuses and working conditions they are more likely to engage your hotel guest with a more friendly face therefore making your hotel guest to enjoy their stay. Besides, a happy guest is a loyal guest. Reward is also important.Don’t forget to reward your staff for their effort and commitment in being the ambassadors of your hotel.

Direct Booking Incentives

With the current competitions from OTAs it is sometimes difficult to get customers through direct bookings. However, difficult does not mean impossible. You can encourage your guests to book directly from your website or Facebook pages and offer them some incentives when they actually do. These incentives can be as simple as a room upgrade or a free service or even a product that you sell in your hotel. The more creative you are, the better your hotel will get promoted across.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

A dissatisfied guest will tend to leave a negative review. Bad reviews will discourage future guests from booking your hotel. It is important that you make sure your guests always leave your property happy. If there is any negative review from your guest, be sure to leave a decent reply and your promise to do better for them. When many guests complain about a certain thing pertaining to their stay at your establishment, don’t hesitate and just fix it.

Sell other Hotel Products

There are a few things hoteliers can upsell or cross-sell to their guest. If you see any opportunity to upsell your product or services, do it. This can be a spa or massage services, tour packages or even airport pickup services. Remember that offering these services or products do not only put extra money in your pocket but also allows your guests to have a pleasant experience.

Encourage Guest Referrals

You can always encourage your guests to tell their friends and family about their experience in your hotel. And when their action attracts more guests to your hotel don’t forget to reward them with something. It can be a free stay at your hotel or free services like a free spa or massage session. These incentives will encourage more guests to join your referral program.

In conclusion, one thing that is certain is that increasing a hotel revenue does require a lot of effort; from promotion, organization and genuine attempt from the management and staff in order to be able to attract single travellers, business travellers and group travellers. When a hotel successfully increases their revenue, it simply means it is a collective effort rather than an individual one. 


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