Hotel Booking Engine in Indonesia

Booking engine is a system in which the hotel receives a room reservation directly when the guest makes a room reservation through the hotel website or social media, such as Facebook. There are more and more hotels starting to install booking engines on their hotel website or social media because it can increase the hotel revenue by gaining direct booking. Besides that, installing a booking engine can increase the cash flow of your hotels. This is because you can receive the payments from the guests immediately.

If you are looking for a booking engine that can bring sales to your hotel, here are the 5 hotel booking engines in Indonesia:

Chronoz Hotel Booking Engine

By using Chronoz Hotel Booking Engine, you can convert traffic into direct booking. These are the features offer by Chronoz:

  • Drive more direct booking; Solve rate parity issue; Manage corporate contract and offline travel agency rate at the same time.
  • Run transparently and smoothly within your own website.
  • Able to customize your own cancellation policy and email templates; Fix where, when, what to sell at a specific time or period; Create promotion for a specific group of guests.
  • Able to create unlimited promotions.
  • Integrate with 8 payment gateways; Provide alternate payment options (such as pay at the hotel, pay later, and more).
  • Modern API can connect to any third parties (such as PMS, Channel Manager…).

Clients that are using Chronoz Hotel Booking Engine:

You may click here to get more detailed information and contact them to make an appointment for a demonstration of the product.


Bookingku is one of the products of BookandLink. It can connect to the hotel website, so the guests can make room reservations based on the display availability and rates. 

These are the features they offer:

  • Pay zero commission.
  • Able to integrate with their own Channel Manager (Channelku).
  • Additional features to provide a special experience to guests.
  • Widgets are available for the client’s website.
  • Modern, fast, and responsive.
  • Promotions and extras.
  • Integrate with local payment gateway. Able to collect credit card information to process deposits and payments.
  • Report and analytic.
  • Multiple properties reservation page.
  • Metasearch marketing (Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, HotelsCombined).


BookandLink has offered a free trial account for one month and a free demonstration of the product, click here to apply.

Hybrid Booking Engine Accommodation

Hybrid Reservation System offers a few types of Booking Engine, Hybrid Booking Engine is one of their products. It helps you to drive more sales and empower sales strategies. 

These are the features they offer:

  • Easy to add room types, names, descriptions, pictures, bed types, and other facilities.
  • Easy to set the room availability and availability.
  • Able to update the availability and check the status in the booking calendar.
  • Send the emails to guests to get the feedback, and display them on your website.
  • Connect to social media to run e-marketing or email marketing campaigns.
  • Support multiple device displays, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Multiple payment gateways.

Clients that are using Bookingku:

Click here to sign up to get more understanding of the product.

The Buking

The Buking provides a very effective online sales channel for hoteliers. They believe that their merchants and the guests will enrich their experience when using their products.

Below are the features that they offer:

  • 2 simple steps of the booking process by the guests select a room and add-on service, then insert personal information and make payment.
  • More than 100 types of promotions, and able to delete the promotions that are not clicked by guests.
  • Able to select your own designs, such as colour and images
  • Completed user interface that the guests can filter rooms, compare rooms and make multiple room reservations.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics in the internal system. Able to measure ROI by the analysis report.
  • Rapid integration with Channel Manager, PMS, and Payment Gateway.

Clients that are using The Buking:

The Buking has offered a free trial account and free demonstration, click here to apply.

Softinn Booking Engine

Softinn provides the guests with a seamless direct booking experience for your hotel to increase direct booking revenue, reduce the commission that needs to pay to OTAs, and help your hotel to gain your own guest relationship.

The following is the features that Softinn Booking Engine offers:

  • The mobile-friendly system can easily be installed on your hotel website or social media.
  • Provide the payment gateways that are available in Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Access the system anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Full control with the Extranet, able to invite more than one user to manage and manage the properties in one account.
  • Able to create a unique promotion code.
  • Self-cancellation system, so the guests no need to contact your hotel to make cancellation and refund.

Clients that are using Softinn Booking Engine:

Softinn has offered a 30 days free trial account, click here to apply and get more detailed information.


Above are 5 hotel booking engines that are available in Indonesia, there are still many booking engines in the market. Here is the list of hotel booking engines.

Booking engine plays an important role in your hotel, as it makes your work more easier and effective. In addition, it can attract more guests to make a booking in your hotel while you use the promotion code system to create a promotion code for the guests.

This will lead you to gain more revenue when the guests make a direct booking through the booking engine. Furthermore, each booking engine offers more than 5 brands of payment gateways, so there are more choices for your hotel to select the most suitable payment gateway.

It’s time to install a booking engine on your hotel website or social media!

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