Best Hotel Booking Engine: How Hotels Can Take Advantage of It

The importance of hotel booking engines can’t be denied nowadays. People are becoming more comfortable with online booking, hence the demand for online hotel room reservations is also increasing. The power of booking engines should not be neglected as it gives a lot of benefits, most importantly reducing the number of paid commissions to OTAs. Hotels without online booking engine systems are reducing in numbers and quickly become obsolete. 


The benefits of having a hotel booking engine

No matter the size of your hotel, whether you are independent or a hotel chain, you should have a hotel booking engine installed on your hotel website or other third-party platforms such as Facebook in order to allow your rooms to be sold online and to stay competitive. 

After experiencing the benefits of a hotel booking engine first-hand, you will ask yourself “Why didn't I do it sooner?” With the best booking engine, you will be able to:

  • Increase hotel’s direct bookings

Many hotels manage to increase their direct bookings through their own official website. If you are eager to increase your hotel’s direct booking, head over to our Ultimate Guide to Increase Hotel Direct Bookings. 

  • Increase hotel’s brand awareness

By using your website as a secret weapon that increases bookings and having it fully optimized for search engines such as Google, you will be one step closer to becoming a strong identifiable hotel brand.

If you are curious whether your website fulfills the criteria of a good website, you may read through this article what should a good hotel website have. 

  • Pay less commission to OTAs

Since OTAs have been charging around 15-30 percent per booking over the past few years, many hotels today are starting to focus on implementing direct booking strategies and rely less on OTAs. By getting direct bookings from your own site, you can reduce losses incurred from commissions to OTAs.

  • Collect full payment in advance

    hotel payment gateway

Whenever the viewers browsed through the website and noticed the “Book Now” button, they proceeded to book and confirmed the booking with payment. With that, you can reducing the “no-show” customer behavior, as the booking had been confirmed and secured with full payment in advance. 

Looking at the current trends, payments made through mobile apps such as Boost and Touch 'n Go are gradually becoming the norm. Hotels too should offer cashless payment in order to capitalize on this trend and gain a competitive edge.

If you would like to enjoy a lower transaction fee per booking and faster settlement to your account, feel free to download the ultimate guide to payment gateways that have been compiled by our team.

  • Collect guest data

It may come as a surprise but the best booking engine includes e-commerce tracking capabilities like Google Analytics where you can track and measure your users' and viewers' behavior. Marketing campaigns can then be planned and run based on the analysis of this information

  • Better control room’s rate and availability

    Hotel Channel Manager in MALAYSIA-1

You can easily update the room’s rate and availability through your booking engine extranet. If you list your room on OTAs, you might need to consider having a Channel Manager sync the allotments and distribute them across all distribution channels. 

If you want to know what a channel manager is and how it works, here we have compiled some of the information about Channel Manager

With all the 6 important points that we have mentioned above, we highly recommend you to choose the best booking engine that fits your hotel where it will help to bring more revenue and to stay competitive in this hotel industry.

Softinn Solutions Sdn. Bhd. helps hoteliers identify important areas to maximize results during the off-season with smart tools like our Promo Code System. Softinn also recently launched third-party payment that supports eGHL, billplz and Paypal. 


    • Mobile friendly
    • User friendly (simple booking process)
    • Hotel website development service
    • Secured payment gateway options. Traveler can choose to pay from the various type of payment gateways such as online banking, credit card, debit card, e-wallet, and more
    • Easy and quick setup for rooms, calendar, price, and other necessities
    • The smart promotion code system
    • Self-service cancellation system
    • Ability to up-sell your hotel services (e.g. extra beds, early check-in, airport transfer, meeting room package, etc)
    • Ability to connect with social networking sites
    • E-commerce tracking capability (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Tracker). Track and measure user behavior and run re-marketing campaign with traceable ROI

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