5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Online Booking System Is Failing You

It is very common nowadays that a hotel has an online booking system installed on their hotel website or social media. The hotels are able to get a direct booking from the hotel website or social media by omitting to pay the commissions to OTAs. However, not every online booking system is suitable for your hotel. For example, you currently found an online booking system is at the lowest cost, but the feature it offers is that it is not suitable for you. It is a waste for you that you are unable to fully utilize the features of the online booking system.

Not only that, there are some other reasons why your hotel is failing on the online booking system. The following are the 5 reasons why your hotel online booking system is failing you:

Lack of advancement of the online booking system

It is important to do research on the online booking systems before purchasing, and it is capable to support your hotel business in the long term. If you select the online booking system that offers poor customer service or only a few features, it will be very struggling for your hotel, especially in the growing stage of your hotel business. 


Ask too many questions on the booking process

Assume that a guest is ready with his credit card to make the payment of the booking, but during the process of making the booking, there are many questions that are required to be filled in. It is time consuming when the guest makes the booking in the emergency situation. This will make the guest feel like he/she is filling a survey form from the government agency.

Hotel Online Booking System


Failed to launch the online booking system

It is a serious circumstance when a slow-loading booking system will reduce your hotel’s revenue if the guest is unable to make the direct booking, as the guest will go make the booking through OTA. Your hotel’s revenue will decrease as you need to pay the 15%-20% commission to the OTA. Another assumption is the guest switch to make the booking at another hotel.


Keep popping up the promotion

When the guest is in the way of booking a room, the booking system keeps popping up the promotion. It gives the guest a very bad experience for using the booking system. This will also damage your hotel brand image as the guest will feel very annoyed when they make a booking but keep popping up the promotion advertisement. This will lead to the guest give up to make the booking at your hotel too.


Unable to fit the mobile devices other than computer devices

Imagine a guest is using his laptop to do research about booking a room, finally, he decides to book your hotel room by using his mobile phone, but in the process of making a booking, the display of the booking system is unable to fit his mobile phone. It is the worst experience for the guests to make a booking in this situation.

Hotel Online Booking System


After listing out the 5 reasons why online booking systems fail in your hotel, you’ll realize that it is important to select the online booking system that is suitable for you. Please don’t follow blindly to select the one with the most brand trusted or the cheapest online booking system.

In order to select a good online booking system, click here to know about what are the features of a good online booking system.

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