Hotel Booking Software

What is a hotel booking software?

Hotel booking software is a software application where guest is allowed to create booking or reservation through online for themselves or on behalf of others. In this article we summarized the main functions of a hotel booking software and talk about what other additional features that you should look into when you choose a booking engine for your hotel.

Hotel booking software is not specific for hotel website only, in fact it could also be installed in other platforms too such as Facebook and Blogspot.

The main functions of a Hotel Booking Software are:

For travelers: -

  • To allow guest to make an online booking and secure the booking with payment 
  • To allow guest to check the room availability for selected date 
  • To create better customer experience in reserving their room
  • To notify guest on their booking status via SMS/ Email 

For hotels: -

  • To record status of the booking and payment 
  • To manage and update the room inventory 
  • To manage and update the price rate
  • To get notified for the booking that has been made through online
  • To have the record of customer database for future reference or can be use for customer loyalty program


A good hotel booking software should have the following features:

  • Easy and simple process required
  • Mobile friendly (people spend their time with mobile phone more compared to desktop or computer, most likely they will use phone for online booking)
  • Flexible payment gateway options. Offer as many payment options as possible such as mobile banking, credit and debit card, e-wallet, manual transfer and etc
  • Comes with a smart promotion code system 
  • Allow guest for the self service cancellation 
  • Allow customization to suite hotel concept and theme (e.g corporate colors etc)
  • Offer options to up-sell hotel services (e.g. extra beds, meeting room package, air port transfer, spa etc)
  • E-commerce tracking capability (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Tracker). Track and measure user behavior and runs re-marketing campaign and traceable Return on Investment (ROI)

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Last Minute Booking is On Trending

Last minute travel booking is on the rise and trending, thanks to the technology that makes our life easier. As a hotelier, what can you do with this kind of trend and how it could benefit your hotel business?

If hotel can make online booking process to the simplest way, for sure you can capture this last minute booking market trend

You may consider to reduce the cut-off time. However, you also need to take note whether your hotel has enough hands to cover all the last minute booking without error and no overbooking case?


How Last Minute Booking Could Benefit your Hotel Business?

1) Promote last-minute travel offers and deals
  • Promote the offer through social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This may be attractive to locals as well even though they are not planning any short vacation but with the promotion, they might consider to  
  • Instead of letting the room vacant, why don't use the promotion code system and offer an exclusive deal to generate more business?

2) Increase room's occupancy 

  • With hotel booking software that allows last minute booking, with the last minute promotion that hotel offers, it will help to increase the room occupancy

3) Move from traditional booking to online booking 

  • Booking through phone call is so manual. Guest name, phone number, check in date and other information need to be recorded manually
  • To reduce the manual work, the hotel front desk can encourage the travelers that make booking through phone call to try booking via online platform with promotional code where they can redeem it online during checkout process

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