Features Of A Good Hotel Booking Engines

The importance of a hotel booking engine can no longer be overlooked. No wonder even small hotels have started investing in a booking engine. With a booking engine integrated in your hotel website and social media pages you can accept booking any time and from anywhere. Guests can book your rooms in their own convenient time. You can also accept payment on your website in any currency your guests want to pay with and in any language, they prefer to do their bookings with. 

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This article highlights some features of a good hotel booking engines that you may consider if you haven’t got one.

Multi-Language and Currency Capabilities

When your booking engines have multi-language and multi-currency capabilities it will help to convert international guests. It is important to verify that your hotel booking engine has these capabilities. This is because some of your guests may not understand English language or the local language your booking engine was built with. So, when these guests want to book your room, they will want to do that in the language they are comfortable with and also in the currency they are using. When these features are missing from your booking engines you will lose these customers to your competitors.


Mobile-Friendly and Facebook-Compatible

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With a mobile friendly and a Facebook compatible booking engine, you can reach travelers from any location. This is because almost all your guests these days are on mobile devices and they do their booking with their mobile devices. When you don’t have a mobile responsive booking engine you will miss out on a lot of direct bookings especially from young people. This will also be the case when you don’t have a booking engine installed on your Facebook page. Why Facebook? Currently, Facebook allows businesses to utilize their business page so people can directly make their deals simply by clicking a button. For hotels, guests can book directly from the hotel’s Facebook page. So always verify these features before deciding on any booking engine for your hotel.


Seamless Website Integration

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When it comes to booking engines on the website, consistency on the design is important. When your guests are checking out your hotel booking engine on your website, they should fell that they are still on the same website. Your booking engine should not look different from your website with different colors, font, etc. These will make your guests doubt the authenticity of your booking engine and discourage them from making any direct booking. Rather, your booking engines should give you room to customize it to match your website.


Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Tools


Also, your booking engine should have the features that will help your staff to up-sell and cross-sell your hotel products and services to your hotel guests. Up-selling and cross-selling is one of the ways that hotels make money. So, make sure you double check before investing in any booking engine for your hotel. 


Secure Online Payment

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Make sure your hotel booking engine accepts secure online payment. This is because your guests will be putting their credit card information on your website. So, your booking engine needs to have a secure online payment so that your guests can book your rooms with peace of mind.

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To Conclude

Before deciding which booking engine provider can solve the problem of your hotel, you firstly need to understand how booking engine works. By doing so, you will be able to identify which features of a booking engine that is required by your hotel.

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