Online Hotel Bookings vs. Offline Bookings

The internet has changed people’s behavior. The tourism industry has changed because of the internet. People use the internet to do their research online. Travelers use the internet to compare hotels and their prices when deciding on their vacation destinations. Thanks to the internet as the booking process is no longer the same as before.


Nowadays, booking can be made earlier than the date of the stay. No queuing up at the front desk is required. Travelers can choose which hotel they want to stay based on previous guests. People use the internet to read reviews about the place they want to go to and the things they want to do. Below we are going to discuss the difference between online hotel bookings and offline bookings.

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1. Online Booking Offers More Convenience

These days guests want an easy way of booking their accommodations. With the availability of online bookings, guests can book their rooms at their convenience without leaving their house. Not only can your guests book their room outside of your working hours, but they can do that even with their language and also pay with their currency. Online booking has given foreigners an easy way of making reservations without stress.  Let’s face the fact, offline booking is dying a natural death. Almost every traveler has access to the internet and can make a simple online booking.


2. With Online Booking Your Business is Always Available

With a booking engine, your hotel will be available for booking 24/7. This is because your guests can access your website anytime they want. International travelers do their research and bookings on their time zone. This may be in the night for you as a hotelier. The online booking has made it possible to be making money even while you and your hotel staff are sleeping. This is one of the reasons the offline booking is going away. Nobody needs to monitor the phone lines, or monitor the email, etc. The booking system takes care of business and accepts payments.


3. Online Booking Offers Lower Costs

Creating a user-friendly website and integrating a booking system on it is now cheaper compared to buying hardware and hiring staff that will be managing your offline bookings. So, when we talk about online hotel booking and offline booking, the online booking set up is cheaper to set up. Also, an online booking can be deployed quickly, it is just a matter of integrating it on your website and it is ready to go.


4. Online Booking is More Profitable

With the fact that your booking system is available 24/7, it makes it possible to get more bookings. This also encourages hotel direct bookings from the hotel website and Facebook pages. When there is an increase in your hotel bookings, this automatically translates to more profit for the hotel.

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5. It is Easier to Track the Performance of Online Booking

When we talk about online hotel booking and offline booking, online booking is easier to measure results. You can easily check how many guests you are getting in a month. Where they are coming from. Their age etc. There is a lot of data you can get from your booking system. You can also use the contact information given to you during the booking process as a promotional tool.


To Conclude:

As we move forward with evolving technologies, the hotel industry is described as the most developing industry. In line with that, hotels should shift to online bookings rather than still relying on a traditional style of offline bookings. To have a competitive advantage in the hotel industry, it is important that hotels keep updated with the latest trends in hotel technology especially in terms of hotel bookings. 

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