Questions To Ask Before Deciding On A Malaysian Hotel Reservation Software

As a Malaysian hotelier, when deciding on which Hotel Reservation Software to use for your hotel, there are certain features to look out for in the software. Currently, hotel software providers are trying their best to integrate all the necessary features hoteliers need in their software.


However, as a hotel owner or manager, making the mistake of choosing a hotel reservation software that is too complicated could only confuse for your guests and staff instead of helping them. Below are some of the questions you can ask yourself when deciding on hotel software.


1) Does It Accept Bookings On Social Media?



As a hotelier, you should know that most of your potential customers’ time is spent on social media, therefore choosing a hotel reservation software that does not accept bookings through social media e.g. Facebook is not doing your hotel justice.


Although most of the hotel software providers now have this feature integrated with their booking system, there are still some out there that still do not. If you could not see this feature on the hotel software specifications you are about to choose, then you should ask yourself if you are making the right choice.


2) Does It Have A Mobile Version?



This is another important question you need to ask yourself as a hotelier before deciding on any hotel reservation software for your hotel. Almost every young traveler now owns a smartphone.


Most of the time they use their phone to book their accommodations while traveling. Therefore, having a hotel booking system without a mobile version will likely discourage many guests from booking your hotel. This is because many travelers don’t even travel with their laptops, so mobile is their only way of booking their accommodation. You can’t afford to choose hotel software without a mobile version, especially in this generation.


3) Is The Software Design Captivating?


When it comes to designs, a responsive and captivating design usually performs well. Therefore, when deciding on your hotel software, you should make sure that the design is captivating and most importantly, responsive. A good design of your booking system has the power to attract customers, while a poor design will turn your guest off. 


4) Does It Allow You To Install Third-Party Apps?



When it comes to hotel reservation software’s your provider may not integrate all the necessary applications you need for the smooth running of your hotel. Therefore, it is wise to choose a hotel software that will give you enough room to install all the necessary third-party applications that you need. These third-party applications may include payment gateways, review systems, etc.


5) Does It Have Options For Multilingual And Multi-Currency?



In today’s world, travelers speak different languages and use different currencies. Choosing a hotel reservation software that allows your guest to book your hotel in their own language and pay in their own currency which they understand is a smart thing to do.


These features will go a long way in retaining your customers. There’s a chance you will also give yourself a free advertisement as your guests will likely share the experience with their friends.

In conclusion, if you are not currently using any hotel booking system for your hotel, then you are losing out on customers. However, as nothing is ever too late, if you don’t have any yet, choose one today but bear in mind when choosing. You can choose wisely by asking yourself the questions we compiled above.

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