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A hotel booking engine system is used widely by hotels regardless of the size of the businesses ranging from small boutique hotels to medium-size, grouping hotels, and luxury types. A good online booking engine system is important to ensure it serves hotel business needs and purposes, at the same time making it convenient for guests to do the reservation online. 

A lot of Booking Engine providers now started to offer free-commission booking engines which help in increasing direct booking and eliminating the middlemen causing them to pay very high commission rates. If you are currently looking for a Hotel Booking Engine that can bring more revenue to your business, here are the 6 Hotel Booking Engines available in the Philippines. Let’s check them out.

Ayoha Booking

Ayoha Booking System

Ayoha Booking system is a cloud-based platform and is a commission-free hotel reservation system that is based in the Philippines. They only charge a one-time fee and the hotel can have the access to the system forever. Below are the highlights of Ayoha Booking system features. 

  1. Flexible room pricing. Allowing users to set weekday, and weekend rates, low-season, and peak-season rates, and holiday rates. Users also have the ability to set payment options such as collect full payment, 50% payment, or pay for the first night only. 
  2. Book multiple rooms in a single transaction. Guests can select multiple room types in a single booking and are also able to specify how many adults and children will stay in each room. 
  3. Up-sell extra services and add-ons such as spa services, airport pickup, etc. The price can be set at a fixed rate or per person. 
  4. Audit Logs. Track who, when, and what changes were made in the system. 
  5. 24/7 technical support

Click here to request a demo and meeting session. 


Cloudbeds booking engine

Cloudbeds offers a free-commission booking engine where it doesn’t take any commission on any paid bookings. Cloudbeds based in the United States serves different sizes of hotel businesses from small to midsize hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, and B&Bs. Let’s check out some of the important features offered by Cloudbeds:

  1. Multiple rate plans with a side-by-side comparison
  2. Multilanguage supports 
  3. Integrated with many payment processors and gateways to collect payments directly from the guests
  4. Upsell services and promotions feature, allowing hotel users to offer add-on services like spa, airport pickup, etc, and attract the guests with seasonal promotions and discounts
  5. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking

Cloudbeds provides a personalized demo for any hotels that are interested to try their booking engine. You may request the demo from here. 

Hotel Link Solutions

hotel link solutions booking engine

Hotel Link Solutions offers a modern and user-friendly booking process for your guests. Here are some of the features that you can find on the hotel link solutions booking engine:

  1. Multiple Room Booking. Allowing travelers to book more than one type of room in a single booking.
  2. Unlimited Room Types & Rate Plans
  3. Occupancy-Based Pricing. Allowing users to set rates depending on the number of people staying in the room
  4. Discounts, Special Offers, and Promo Codes features are available to attract more customers to book online directly from the hotel booking engine. 
  5. Options to send SMS Booking Notification 

So if you would like to explore their booking engine, you may apply for a demo account here. 


Siteminder Booking Engine

SiteMinder Booking Engine was voted by HotelTechReport as the #1 Booking Engine 2022. It also offers a free-commission booking engine where the hotel can take control of its rates and availability and drive more direct bookings. Below are some of the additional highlighted features that SiteMinder’s Booking Engine offers: 

  1. Intuitive and Flexible date calendar that gives guests the ability to book multiple rooms in a single reservation
  2. Auto-trigger Guest Reviews on the TripAdvisor platform for guests that have completed their stay 
  3. Extra add-on services for hotels to generate more revenues from the add-ons such as an extra mattress, room decorations, etc.  
  4. Automate guest notification. Users are allowed to customize guest communications and build a relationship with the guests
  5. Easy and simple booking and payment process for the guests 

SiteMinder is available in more than 20 languages and currencies to attract worldwide customers. If you are interested, you may apply for the trial account here.


Softinn Hotel Booking Engine

Softinn Booking Engine aims to help hotels in the direct booking strategy with commission-free and the ability to install it on any HTML website and social platform. With its user-friendly system, these are some of the highlighted features that are available in Softinn Booking Engine.

  1. Integrated with Google for Google Free Booking Link that helps in bringing more traffic, increase in 10x your hotel direct booking, thus saving payable commission to OTAs
  2. Smart-Review System that encourages the guest to provide reviews on the 1st-night stay and directly give reviews on your Google Listing 
  3. Integrates with the leading online payment gateway system in the Philippines, PesoPay to accept payments directly from the guests 
  4. Self-service cancellation system that allows guests to submit cancellations and modifications online without going through the hassle of phone calls/ messages/ WhatsApp following the hotel’s own cancellation T&C. 
  5. Provide special services, offers, and discounts through Promotion Code System and Upsell Services

So, if you are ready to take the first step in exploring Softinn Booking Engine, you may submit the request to apply for the trial account here for Softinn Hotel Booking Engine.


Staah Booking Engine

Staah Booking engine or known as MAX Booking Engine offers also commission-free bookings. Regardless of how many bookings are generated by the booking engine that you have installed on your website, there will be no commission at all. 

  1. A 3-step booking process with a price compare widget ensures a quicker visit to book conversion
  2. Smart pricing strategy. You can set the discount based on multiple nights, regions, devices, or if the guest book in advance. 
  3. Google Free Booking Link integrations, allow hotels to display the booking engine rate on Google Free Booking Link so that the guest can compare prices between direct booking vs OTAs
  4. Increase revenue opportunities with add-on and upselling features
  5. Multiple languages and multiple currencies support

Staah Booking Engine provides a free demo account if you want to experience it yourself. Feel free to get it here


So above are the 6 Hotel Booking Engine that is ready to serve hotels in the Philippines. I hope that the given Hotel Booking Engine above will help you in getting the best booking engine for your hotel that can serve your business needs, at the same time increasing your direct booking and maximizing your revenue. 

By any chance, if you are still browsing other tips and tricks to increase your hotel revenue, feel free to download our free e-book Ultimate Guide to Hotel Direct Booking. 

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