Glamping Booking System - 5 Important Features that You Need

A glamping type of accommodation has become a popular trend nowadays. This trend started to evolve especially after the MCO was lifted in 2022. Those travellers who love to explore nature but at the same time would like to experience another level of camping type, they will go for Glamping - “glamorous camping”. 

Hence, it is crucial for the glamping business to have a booking engine system to start collecting the booking and payment online from the guest, as it allows potential guests to make a booking 24/7 without the need to call or WhatsApp and wait for a reply from the owner. 

While you are searching for the right booking engine system for your glamping business, let me help you by listing 5 important features that you should look into. 

1) Payment Collection

A reason why it is important to have an online booking system is to lead your potential guests to book directly with you while browsing through the booking engine and proceed to check out. Hence, having the payment gateway integration with the booking engine system will get the guest to confirm their booking with payment and directly get their booking confirmation receipt. 

A lot of booking engine providers outside there has a flexible payment collection. Some of them help you to collect on your behalf, while some of them let you collect by yourself through your own payment gateway. 

Softinn has this flexibility. You can opt for one of these. As long as you are collecting the payment online and you give multiple payment method options to your guests like online banking, credit card, and e-wallet, that could be enough. It just depends on which payment gateway you are choosing and how much they are costing you for each transaction. 


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2) Promotion Code System 

Promotion is one of the ways to attract customers to book your property. By using the promotion, you can promote and advertise it through your official website or social media platform to influence people and boost engagement, indirectly increasing the demand of people booking your property. 

Hence, having promotion code features on the booking engine system will help you in your marketing strategy. You can create the promotion based on your creativity and marketing campaign such as early booker, low season etc. 

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3) Cancellation System

In the event of such circumstances happening, the guest might need to cancel their bookings. It would be better if your booking engine system supports self-service cancellation where the guest can submit their cancellation request from their end. This could avoid your front office from updating the cancellation manually. 

The number of phone calls, messages or emails from guests could be reduced too, hence keeping your front desk staff focusing on other important things. I believe this is crucial for the glamping business because sometimes the weather will affect 

Softinn Booking Engine provided a self-service cancellation system. The cancellation link is attached to the guest’s paid booking email. If the booking is refundable, the system will help to calculate the amount of the refund depending on your cancellation policy and charges. Hence, the guest will be able to see the final amount that they will receive before they confirm to cancel. 

Blog  - Glamping Booking System - 5 Important Features that You Need

4) Mobile-friendly

Having a mobile-friendly booking system is important in order to provide a better user experience to your customers. Imagine if they wanted to make an online booking, but they find it very difficult to navigate, they might just return to the other page and you are losing your business. 

Hence, you have to ensure that the booking engine system that you are going to use is mobile-friendly and easily accessible through multiple devices. 

5) Rate Plan Module 

Offering the right packages at the right rate to the right customer will definitely affect your business revenue. Having multiple rate plans offered to your guests will help your customers in choosing the right packages that they want. 

For the glamping business, some of the rate plans that you may want to offer are 

  1. Rate with Breakfast
  2. Non-refundable Rate
  3. Early Bird Rate
  4. 3Days 2Nights Deals 

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So if your guests prefer to book at the cheapest rate, they might consider booking for a non-refundable rate while acknowledging the cancellation policy is non-refundable. You can play around with the rate plan module. Having a rate plan module is not that critical, but if you have one, that means your property gains a competitive advantage over the competitors. 

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What’s the next step?

Now, you have an idea of what are the important features that you should look into while getting a booking engine system for your glamping business. The next step that you need to take is by looking into the booking engine provider especially those that offer a  free trial account so that you can explore it for free before making a purchase. 

Softinn Booking Engine aims to help property owners in the direct booking strategy with commission-free. Softinn also is one of the integrated partners of Google for the Google Free Booking Link which helps to display the booking engine rate through Google Maps and Google Search while helping you broaden your target audience to include audiences all around the world.

Softinn covers all of the 5 important features that I have mentioned above. If you are interested to explore Softinn Booking Engine, you can always claim your free trial account from here. 

Even so, you can still explore any other options available in the market and start comparing them. 

My Thoughts

As a business owner or hotelier, I believe it is important to evaluate properly the booking engine system before choosing one. Then, you can make your booking engine one of the highest contributors to your glamping business revenue. Hence, it is very important to look for a booking engine system that suits your business needs, especially when servicing your potential customers that will become your loyal customers. 

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